St George’s Barracks – Time for Action

RCC will shortly be making major decisions about the St George’s Barracks development. On 26th November 2018 they will consider an application for Housing Infrastructure Funds that will be used to pay for some of the infrastructure developments needed, if they are to build a new town in the heart of the County. Once this bid is submitted, the process will be underway and will develop a momentum that will be impossible to stop. If you do not support the proposal to build a new town on our doorstep,  we need your help to influence the outcome. Now is the “Time for Action”. How can you help?  

  • WRITE LETTERS to every Rutland County Councillor – Tell them what you think
  • ATTEND the meeting at Catmose on Monday 26th November at 7pm
  • ASK QUESTIONS at the meeting on 26th November.

We will shortly be writing to all residents explaining how they can help to influence the decision and providing details of how to contact all County Councillors and offer some of the issues that you may wish to address.

If you do nothing, this huge development that may take 40+ years to complete will be foist upon the County, with no regard to the impact on the lives of you and your families.


PBG Cummings  – Chair NLPC

Tel: 01780 720124 / email:

This Post will expire at 12:28pm on Friday November 30th, 2018.

One thought on “St George’s Barracks – Time for Action

  1. Nicky Hayes

    Thank you Paul, we await your advice on how best to register our extreme dissatisfaction with the prosed new development! Nicky Hayes


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