Childcare Contacts?

Hi – does anyone have any childcare contacts local to North Luffenham, childminders and or nurseries. required for two days a week from January 2024

many thanks

Rebecca Poulton

Swann Close, North Luffenham 

07969 345208

This Post will expire at 8:05pm on Tuesday October 31st, 2023.

4 thoughts on “Childcare Contacts?

  1. Chloe

    Little saints preschool at the school from 2.5 years old.
    Little ospreys in edith Weston school
    Suzanne Wells-Hanson childminder in edith Weston not sure if has space though
    The Rutland Nanny in edith Weston
    Ketton Playschool
    Kirsty Barrow new one opening in wing 2 year old onwards
    Depends on little ones age!


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