Parish Council

Who we are and what we do

North Luffenham Parish Council (NLPC) consists of councillors who are either elected or co-opted and serve for a four year term.

Councillors work in a voluntary capacity. NLPC Councillors are: Tim Smith, Charles Cade, Pete Burrows, Mary Canham, Tracey Barsby, Martin Marsh, Damian Gorse and Bob Sewell.

Parish Council meetings are held in the Community Centre. All are welcome to attend these meetings which include a public forum where parishioners may put any matters of concern to the Council. You can view here the agendas for upcoming meetings and previous meeting minutes.

Contact the Parish Council

The Parish Clerk is Jaden Bale

Working hours are flexible and on Wednesdays the clerk will be working from the Community Centre between 09.30 am and 12.30 pm and will be happy to receive visitors

Jadene can be contacted by phone (voicemail activated): tel: 01780 408288; or email:

Parish Council business

Committees and Working Groups assist the Council in the decision-making process. Committees can have delegated powers. Committee meetings are formal with notices and minutes being published. Members of the public can attend Committee meetings; a public forum is at the discretion of the Chairman. NLPC have two committees: Planning Committee and Staffing Committee.

Working Groups meet informally; these do not have delegated powers and are not open to the public.  The Groups meet to discuss the detail of specific projects and may make recommendations at Council meetings, to assist the Council in their decision-making.
NLPC Working Groups are: Finance, Web, Village Plan and Oval/Field Gardens.

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