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The latest news from the Village Trust

Free trip to Cleethorpes for villagers

The village trip this year is going to Cleethorpes on Wednesday 21st june, this is a free trip through the generosity of North Luffenham Village Trust.

It is open to everyone in the village young and old. The bus leaves Pinfold Close and the bottom of Kings Rd at 9am approx.

I still have some vacant seats , come and enjoy a day out. Ring Evelyn 01780720528.

Would you be willing to serve as a trustee of the Village Trust?

The Parish Council is required to appoint 3 people to serve on The North Luffenham Village Trust, each of whom serves for 4 years. There is now a vacancy as a result of a trustee having completed his term, and the Parish Council is seeking applications from anyone who wishes to be considered for this position.

The Village Trust (Charity number 218214 ) is a charity which promotes education, helps in the relief of village residents suffering hardship and distress, and gives financial support to the church.  It is not a fund-raising entity; the money that it distributes arises from financial investments and rental income from various properties that it owns.  More information about the Village Trust is available from:

The Charity Commission website provides helpful guidance on the role of trustees, but to give a very brief outline:

A trustee must be aged over 18, and should possess basic common sense and total integrity. He or she must be willing to work with others to make balanced, informed, decisions, but should be prepared to question and challenge if necessary. All decisions must be taken in accordance with charity law and the specific terms of the trust’s governing document, and it is essential that certain aspects of the charity’s work are kept confidential. Trustees are not paid for this work.

It is helpful for the efficient running of the charity if there is a balance of knowledge, skills and other attributes within the body of trustees. Currently it would be of benefit if the new trustee had experience in property management and investments, but that is not essential.

If you would like to be considered for this vacancy, please apply in writing by Sunday, 14th May 2017 to the Parish Clerk, Angela Ashpole at