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General news & information from the surrounding area.

Further Covid-19 Information from RCC – Care Homes and Covid Marshals

Adult Social Care winter plan
The Adult Social Care winter plan that was recently published by government had two
additional requirements attached to it regarding care homes. Firstly, a self-assessment
questionnaire to provide assurance with care market sustainability, which we are currently working on. The second relates to Care Quality Commission (CQC) designated COVID Care Homes.
The latter requirement is for each authority to have an identified care home that will care for COVID-positive patients in a secluded area within its establishment, with its own care and support staff who only working with COVID patients. This commissioning request has come to Adult Social Care (ASC) to facilitate and inform CQC of the identified home.
We have a very good relationship with all of our care homes and all have indicated
previously they would not take COVID-positive patients. ASC is therefore working closely
with County and City colleagues to identify homes where we may all be able to facilitate
COVID-positive hospital discharges.

Local Area Coordinators Scheme
Rutland County Council is required to have a Local Area Coordinators Scheme for Test,
Track and Trace. These are people who will knock on doors if people in Rutland have
received a positive COVID test but failed to respond to phone calls informing them they
are positive. All coordinators will be wearing the necessary PPE.
COVID Marshalls
The question of COVID Marshalls has been discussed in detail at RTCG. There is
agreement that COVID Marshals would be beneficial in our towns to remind people about the need to follow social distancing, wear masks and wash their hands regularly. This is in order to be as proactive and preventative as possible.
Contingency planning
RTCG is looking at ways to fund extra resources to enable contingencies, should we are
to enter the second tier in the new government tier system or even the highest third tier.
RTCG has also discussed the possible need to close less business critical areas of the
council if needed, to support business critical services if the second wave continues and
escalates further. Plans are being put in place so we can act quickly if required.
Self-isolation payments
People are now required by law to self-isolate, supported by payment of £500 for those on lower incomes who cannot work from home and have lost income as a result.
We have now set up a scheme which went live from 12th October to administer self-
isolation payments. We have had six claims to date.
Further details can be found on our website:

Finance updates
There have been various announcements this week including the suggestion that we will receive another non-ring fenced COVID-19 grant to support all aspects of work from a further £1bn fund. We await the details on this. A full round up of the COVID-19 funding position will be presented in the November Finance report to Cabinet.
Local lockdown grants
The Council previously received guidance in respect of a Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG). This would involve making payments of up to £3,000 (revised from £1,500) to businesses (not only those who pay rates) which have closed or have been impacted by a local lockdown.
Some initial work has been undertaken and the Council will be stepping up plans to put
arrangements in place so we can respond if the need arise.

Latest Covid-19 Information for Rutland

  1. COVID-19
    a. Latest situation
    As of 4.00pm on Thursday 15 October, 673,622 people have tested positive for
    coronavirus in the UK.
    As of 4.00pm on Thursday 15 October, of those tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, 43,293 people have died across all settings within 28 days of a positive test.
    These figures will also be published on the daily dashboard:
    Rutland recorded 44 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the latest week (7-13 October). This equates to 110 cases per 100,000 people. The average area in England had 95.
    A total of 24 coronavirus-related deaths have been registered in Rutland as of 2 October.
    b. New COVID alert system
    The government has implemented a new three-tier ranking system for local authority areas across England, indicating the COVID threat level for each area. The three Local COVID Alert Levels are Medium, High and Very High.
    Rutland is currently ranked as Medium-risk, meaning:
     People must not socialise in groups larger than 6, indoors or outdoors (other than
    where a legal exemption applies)
     Businesses and venues can continue to operate, in a COVID-secure manner, other
    than those that remain closed in law
     Certain businesses are required to ensure customers only consume food and drink while seated, and must close between 10pm and 5am
     Businesses and venues selling food for consumption off the premises can continue to do so after 10pm as long as this is through delivery service, click-and-collect or drive-through
     Schools remain open
     Places of worship remain open, subject to the rule of 6
     Weddings and funerals can go ahead with restrictions on numbers of attendees
     Exercise classes and organised sport can continue to take place outdoors, or
    indoors if the rule of 6 is followed
    This is all in addition to following public health guidance about hand washing, face
    coverings and social distancing.
    People living in England can find the Local COVID Alert Level for their area by using a
    postcode checker on the government’s website.

Rutland Community Radio Project

After the change from Rutland Radio to Greatest Hits radio, RCC have started a project to potentially create a Community Radio station to provide local content for Rutland. Rob Persani has been appointed as the project leader.

A survey has been created to provide input for the project. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, and can be found here:

More information can be found on the RCC web site –

This Post will expire at 7:05am on Monday December 14th, 2020.

Notification of closure of Airfield


Can I please advise you all that the North Luffenham Airfield will be placed Out of Bounds to all civilians. Dates and locations listed below.

  • Saturday 10th Oct 20 from 1200 – 1530 (Golf course area).
  • Saturday 24th Oct 20 from 1200 – 1530 (Golf course area).
  • Saturday 24th Oct 20 from 1730 – 0800 Sunday 25th Oct (All areas within the airfield).

This due to Army Reserve Military Working Dog handlers completing essential training and to ensure your safety. Please co-operate with any safety staff’s direction.

We apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Sgt P Miles

Permanent Staff Instructor

101 Sqn (Res).

St. George’s Barracks: We need your voice.

Your opinions about the proposals for St. George’s Barracks (SGB) matter, as well as development within the village and parish, and North Luffenham Parish Council would like to inform you of the proposals and hear your opinions. 

A good third of SGB is within our parish and it is important that we have a say on any development.

In the last two weeks of October there will be presentations by Zoom (firm dates and times will be posted on the website ) with detailed information on the proposals for SGB and the best way to respond to Rutland County Council’s Local Plan. There will also be an update on North Luffenham’s Neighbourhood Plan, and how this sits alongside the Local Plan, with the aim of ameliorating any development that takes place at SGB, as well as proposals for the rest of the parish.

Your comments on these issues will be most welcome.

The focus of the presentations will be online in view of the current restriction on groups meeting indoors but it is planned to have a poster and hopefully a short video demonstration and where and when will be posted nearer the time.

St. George’s Barracks is most definitely not yet a done deal and your opinion counts

If you have not done so already could you please click the link below and indicate your preferred option for a meeting -there is only one question I promise. 

RCC Covid -19 Newsletter

Dear resident,

It is a little while since I wrote a covid update.  We have had a lovely summer and the spread of covid seemed under control.  Sadly that has not continued and even here in Rutland numbers are rising, although not to the level we have seen elsewhere in the UK.  The news that pubs, clubs and restaurants now have to close at 10pm takes me back to the days when pub opening hours were limited to 8 per day (5 on Sundays) and regularly closed at 10.30pm (at least where I lived) but I guess I’m showing my age!  Whatever you do, though, keep yourself safe and follow the Government’s guidelines and advice:

  • Wear a face covering if you can’t keep two meters away from others (except in your own home, of course)
  • Wear a face covering in taxis and private hire vehicles
  • Wear a face covering in pubs, cafes, sports and social clubs etc. at all times you are not seated at your table (staff must wear a face covering at all times) 
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Don’t mix, either in your home or outside, in groups of more than 6.

There are also much stricter rules for businesses and village halls/community centres and if you are interested you can find details here.

Now to other topics.  Many residents have contacted me about the current consultation on the Local Plan.  This consultation has been extended to 4.15pm on 6 November.  Details can be found here: and your parish council has a hard copy of the document should you wish to read it in hard copy.  Your parish council will also be able to advise you on completing the response form, although you are allowed to submit a letter if you don’t want to use the form.

Leicestershire Police are currently undertaking a consultation on community safety.  If you wish to take part you can find it here:

And finally you will be getting communication from our health authorities on proposals to reconfigure Leicester’s hospitals.  This includes the proposal to close the maternity unit in Melton and other reductions at the General.  These proposals are likely to have a significant impact on Rutland residents and so you may wish to respond to them.  You can find out more about the proposals, and how to respond, here 

Gale Waller

County Councillor, Normanton Ward

Airfield Notice – Out of Bounds

Good afternoon,

Can I please notify you and the local community that the airfield will be out of bounds for civilian use over the following dates.

  • Training commencing – 0900hrs on 24th Oct 2020.
  • Training complete – 1600hrs on 25th Oct 2020.

Kind Regards

Sgt PJ MILES | TRG PSI 101 SQN | St George’s Bks, North Luffenham

Mil: 95361 7890 | Civilian: +44 (0)1780 727890 | Mob: 00447511 617841

Community Safety


We would like to invite you to share your views on crime and anti-social behaviour in your local area by completing this questionnaire. This survey has been created in partnership with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire and the Community Safety Partnerships across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Who should complete the questionnaire?

We would like you to complete the questionnaire if you are aged 16 or over and live in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland. The survey should take you no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Participation in this survey is voluntary and you do not have to answer any questions that you feel uncomfortable with. You can withdraw from the survey up until the point that it is submitted.

What will the findings be used for?

The views that you share through this survey will be used to improve the work undertaken in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour and to protect our communities. As this survey will be conducted annually, it will also help us to better understand changes in the levels and types of crime and anti-social behaviour in your local area over time.

The information collected through the survey will be handled in accordance with data protection legislation and will be presented anonymously in any outputs. Please click here to read our Privacy Notice. Your data will be processed by SurveyMonkey and you can view their terms for how they do this.

Thank you


Grace Strong

Strategic Director

Violence Reduction Network

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Community Safety Survey

The police have launched a survey on community safety; ‘We would like to invite you to share your views on crime and anti-social behaviour in your local area by completing this questionnaire. This survey has been created in partnership with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire and the Community Safety Partnerships across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’

Please click on this link for the survey:

Still time to complete the Neighbourhood Plan Survey

Many thanks to everybody who has completed a Neighbourhood Plan Survey. The Survey will end on the 19th September and so there is still time to do one online at

If you rather fill in the paper copy please drop this in at The Fox.

Paper Copy of the Local Plan Available

A leaflet is being delivered to each household advising those who do not have access, or have difficulty accessing, the internet how they could be delivered a paper copy for a 24 hour period.

If you don’t have a problem using the internet please access the Local Plan online ( as the Parish Council has only been allowed two copies and has to quarantine one for 24 hours following perusal. This will free up the paper copies to those who have difficulities accessing online.

To view the leaflet please click on this link:

Technical Problem

Unfortunately there is a problem with completing the Neighbourhood Plan Survey online. Our IT experts are trying to resolve the issue and there will be a post when the problem has been resolved.

Many apologies for the glitch and thanks to all those who have already completed the survey and if you haven’t please do find the time when it is fixed.

Planning Application 2020/0961/RGE

Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Town & Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015
An application for the above proposal has been received by the Local Planning Authority and you are invited to submit your comments by 28 September 2020. The details of the application are available to view on our website by entering the reference number above.
Please email any comments you wish to make to
Reference: 2020/0961/RG3
Case Officer: Andrew Waskett-Burt

PROPOSAL: Regulation 3 application to create a new vehicular exit route from the site.
Civic Amenity Site North Luffenham Road Morcott Rutland