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North Luffenham Good Neighbour Scheme AGM

All villagers are invited to join us for the Good Neighbour Scheme AGM, Tuesday 26th January at 8.00pm, where we will discuss the busy year just gone, and how we can best support each other during this year.

The AGM will be by Google Meet and to join please click on this link:

Recycling collections in Ketton, Barrowden, North Luffenham, South Luffenham, Morcott, Cottemore, Ashwell

Good afternoon all,

The crews are still out collecting and will be until it gets dark. However, its looking like recycling collections in Ketton, Barrowden, North Luffenham, South Luffenham, Morcott, Cottemore, Ashwell and on the Farms and Lodges round will still be outstanding due to ongoing vehicle issues.

No green bins have been collected today either.

We are working closely with Biffa to try and get these issues resolved as I know how much disruption its causing for everyone. We have had a number of vehicle breakdowns over the last couple of weeks and Biffa have struggled with repairs and maintenance as not all supply chains are operating as efficiently as they usually do due to lockdown and to Brexit. This has been exacerbated by ever increasing waste and recycling tonnages due to people working from home. Collection vehicles are filling up quicker and having to travel to tip more often. This two hour round journey to the recycling center takes a lot of time out of the working day and puts additional strain on vehicles that are only designed to travel short distances.

Biffa have additional hire vehicles arriving first thing tomorrow and hope to have all of today’s collections completed by the end of Wednesday. Should you receive any enquiries, please advise residents to leave their bins out until they have been collected.

Leicestershire Partnership NHS

Vaccinators needed – help us overcome the virus

Healthcare professionals are being asked to come forward to help administer the Covid-19 vaccines in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

A number of new vaccination centres are being set up, and each one requires dozens of staff to administer the jabs.

Any registered healthcare professional can play a part after appropriate training – most of which they can do online at home. Retired professionals can join a temporary register up to five years after they have left the permanent register.

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust is recruiting staff on behalf of the local NHS.

Anne Scott, director of nursing, allied health professionals and quality said: “We are looking for staff who are registered healthcare professionals, or could easily re-register. This includes a wide range of professions such as physiotherapists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists as well as nurses and doctors.

“We will be offering full and part-time work over the next few months. You will be very welcome.

“Staff who have already been involved in the programme have said it is hugely rewarding to help deliver vaccines which protect life, and will help the country return to normal.”

We are also looking for administrative staff to welcome patients and to help ensure accurate records are kept for members of the public receiving the vaccination.

In addition, this project is looking for volunteers to help patients at the vaccination sites.

For more details and to apply, please visit:

Rutland Covid Vaccination Update

Just to let you know we have now vaccinated 89.6% of the 2753 patients aged over 80. We have finished vaccinating residents of all 11 care homes.

An attempt to contact all the patients over 80 has been made, and there will be more calls made tomorrow. Where we cannot contact patients, we will try their next of kin if recorded in their records. We have not yet started vaccinating housebound patients but hope to do so after this week if we get a vaccine delivery. Any housebound patients who can be brought to the centre will be vaccinated this week (we can vaccinate 600 per day at eth vaccination centre, but only 20/day at home and the vaccine centre is better supported for potential reactions)

We have a larger delivery this week, and we are now able to start offering vaccine to the next cohort, 75-79 year olds. Again there are over 2000 people in this cohort, so they will not all be invited this week. Some patients who are aged 77-79 will receive an invitation to book. We have sufficient vaccine to start this process using the automated booking whilst we are also finishing the over 80 invitations by phone, and we are also offering vaccination to local frontline health and care staff who have contact with multiple older adults. I hope that the  simultaneous booking of 77-79 year old using a rapid process, whilst we also use a slower process to invite the remaining over 80s does not cause confusion, and any help you can give in allaying any concerns is much appreciated. We are making the best use of the vaccine that we receive – most is administered to patients within 48 hours of our receiving it, and we are using the extra doses in the vials whenever possible( all but one vial on Friday!)

Dr Hilary Fox

Clinical Director Rutland Health Primary Care Network

This Post will expire at 6:59pm on Sunday April 18th, 2021.

Changes to Centrebus services 12 and 47

Unfortunately, due to covid related issues, Centrebus have advised that they will have to temporarily amend the service 12 (operating between Stamford and Uppingham via Tinwell, Ketton, Edith Weston, North Luffenham, South Luffenham, Barrowden, Morcott and Glaston)  with effect from Thursday 14th January 2021.  A copy of the revised timetable is attached for your information.

As before, it is requested that passengers only make essential journeys and to be especially mindful of travelling between different tiers.  It is also advised that passengers contact their bus operator in the first instance to get the very latest information regarding bus journeys and availability:

Centrebus tel: 0844 351 1120

CallConnect tel: 0345 263 8153

Centrebus are also having to temporarily suspend the service 47 from 14th January until further notice.

We will also be checking the bus stops to make sure current information is being displayed and if anyone has any queries or concerns then please contact or call 01572 758138.

NLPC Newsletter

North Luffenham Parish Council (NLPC)

The Parish Council is continuing to have virtual meetings and members of the public can attend, and take part in the public forum, by clicking on the link that is published on the website along with the agendas – and you would be most welcome.

The Local Plan (LP) consultation ended last November and the parish council made a number of representations concerning the adverse impact that the proposed development at St. George’s Barracks (SGB) will have on the parish. An independent examination of the LP will take place, no date as yet, and NLPC have indicated that they would like to be heard at the oral examination on the representations that it has made.

Residents have expressed concern about the increase in the number and speed of HGVs, particularly along Edith Weston Road, and this was due to a large number of HGVs being parked on the SGB site without planning permission. NLPC made objections and at a Planning Committee Meeting at Rutland County Council one of our parish councillors and a resident made representations. These very much helped in the unanimous rejection of the retrospective planning application. There could possibly be an appeal but this is unknown at present.

Development of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) continues and many thanks to all who completed the survey and took part in the virtual presentations, which gave valuable feedback to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. 

In the light of those comments, the draft plan has been revised and before submission to RCC at the end of March will be distributed to residents for further comment. (There is a page on the village website on which comments can be made at any time). It is important to emphasise the NP belongs to the parish and will have significant influence on any development at SGB as well as conserving and enhancing that which the community values at present.

NLPC applied for and was awarded £10,000 for professional advice and project costs and this will greatly help in the development of the plan as well as alleviating any financial issue for the parish.

Unfortunately, work on the refurbishment of the Community Centre has not yet taken place due to Covid-19 and concern about costs for which the parish would have to be responsible. The issue of the costs have been resolved and hopefully when circumstances allow the work will begin.

NLPC liaises with the North Luffenham Good Neighbour Scheme and during lockdown they can be contacted on 07825 697841 or email: NLGNS, as previously, can help with collection of prescriptions but with vaccinations becoming available offer lifts to the vaccination centres.

Tim Smith. Chair of North Luffenham Parish Council.

RCC Covid-19 newsletter

Dear resident,

I had hoped not to have to write another newsletter, let alone so soon after my last!  But coronavirus cases continue to rise and the NHS is very stretched.  Some people have asked me why we can’t simply open more Nightingale hospitals.  We could, of course, but they have to be staffed and NHS staff are like the rest of us; they get ill, they come into contact with coronavirus and have to self-isolate for a period and they have positive tests, albeit with no symptoms, so again have to self-isolate.  This all reduces the number of people available to be deployed and whilst we might be able to put up a new building almost overnight it takes a few years to train medical staff!  Add to that the increased number of people requiring intensive care –and the additional staff levels associated with that—it is not surprising the system is under strain and the Government’s full lockdown response.

I am also being asked about vaccines, and why some people who have had their first vaccine are having their appointments for the second, follow up, vaccination cancelled.  You can find the answer here

I am sure we are all worried about businesses locally.  The Government has recognised the strain on businesses and is introducing additional help.  If you are a business your first port of call is RCC as many of the grants are administered by the Council . And do support your local pub if it is offering a take-away service.

If you have children and don’t have access to the resources you need to access your child’s school’s home learning offer contact the school who should help.  Children without IT or a space to learn are entitled to be in school.   If you have any problems regarding your children’s education at this time let me know.

Lockdown is difficult for everyone.  But, as I write, there are almost 300 positive coronavirus cases per 100,000 population in Rutland and the increase is in all age groups, including the over 60s. It is important we all abide by the law to get the case numbers down.  Full details can be found here but in brief:

  • Stay at home unless you have absolutely no choice but to go out to work
  • Stay at home unless you need to go out for essential shopping such as food and then shop as infrequently as possible and on your own
  • Stay at home unless you have to go out for a medical appointment/to collect a prescription
  • Stay at home unless you are taking your once a day exercise when you should “stay local” (see below for the Government’s definition of “stay local”)

 “If you do leave home for a permitted reason, you should always stay local – unless it is necessary to go further, for example to go to work. Stay local means stay in the village, town, or part of the city where you live.”

The only people you should be mixing with are the people you live with or the people you have contact with through work.  There are exceptions, the “bubbles” we have all heard about, but these have legal definitions and the definition changed on 2 December 2020.  You can find out the current law here

Local advice and sources of help, whether you are an individual or a family, can be found here


Gale Waller

County Councillor, Normanton Ward

Help in Lockdown

As we’re now back in lockdown with those most vulnerable being recommended to stay at home I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Good Neighbour Scheme in the village.  If you need help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, or anything which would ordinarily require you to leave the house we are here to help.

Lifts can also be given to a vaccination but please give as much notice as you can.

The scheme is not restricted to the most vulnerable but is here to help anyone who needs it.  We can be reached by phone on 07825 697 841 or by email at

Useful information is avilable on the Rutland County Council Website: please click on this link:

Claire Bewick. Chair North Luffenham Good Neighbour Scheme

RCC Covid-19 newsletter

Dear resident,

First may I wish you all a Happy New Year.  It may not seem, with Rutland moving into tier 3, that it will be happy 2021 but this pandemic will not last forever and with the second vaccine having been approved the end is in sight.  Everyone has done really well to keep Rutland as safe as we are and I’d like to thank all the volunteers who have supported their neighbours, and supported strangers through the likes of Rutland Foodbank, during these strange times.

However, to stop Rutland being moved into tier 4 it is important to stick to the rules to continue to keep our covid levels comparatively low.   The general rules of wearing a face covering, keeping two meters away from others (except in your own home, of course) and washing your hands regularly are still good ways of slowing the spread. In addition, in a tier 3 area:

  • No socialising with anyone indoors, in your garden or an outside public venue unless you live with them or they are in your official support bubble (i.e. you ordinarily live on your own and have set up a support bubble according to these rules
  • No socialising outside with more than 6 people
  • No going on holiday as hotels and holiday lets in tier 3 must close and if you live in a tier 3 area you must stick to tier 3 rules
  • Local pubs and restaurants must close except for take-aways –do support your local business where you can as they need your support to survive

There are exceptions, for example weddings and funerals can still go ahead.  Full details can be found here

Travel outside tier 3 is discouraged, even for food shopping.  The Government states “Where possible, you should stay local and avoid travelling outside your local area, meaning your village or town, or part of a city. People should continue to travel for reasons such as work, education, medical attention or if they have caring responsibilities.”  

Local advice and sources of help, whether you are an individual or a family, can be found here

The current Covid crisis is having a major impact on the NHS.  Everyone is being encouraged to contact NHS111 rather than their GP if there is a medical problem.  Either ‘phone 111 or go online at  The NHS locally tell us “Patients contacting NHS 111 will be clinically assessed so that they can be referred to an emergency department, an NHS Urgent Treatment Centre, a Minor Injuries Unit, pharmacy, GP or advised to self-care where appropriate. They will also be provided with a time that they should attend.”  I have been assured that the 111 system will refer Rutland residents to geographically appropriate services and not send us to the other side of Leicester!

Gale Waller

County Councillor, Normanton Ward

Rutland Covid Vaccinations

Rutland Covid Vaccination Programme

If you are registered with a surgery in Rutland, they will be sending booking details for the Covid Vaccination Programme to your mobile phone, if you have one, over the next few weeks and month. If you are aged over 70 and have not yet received an SMS message (text message) about the Covid Vaccination Programme then they may not have your mobile phone number. 

If you have a mobile phone please let your practice know the number by writing to your practice or emailing Please do not phone your practice. If you do not have a mobile phone then they will contact you by other means.

Message sent on behalf of Rutland Health Primary Care Network (

North Luffenham Parish Clerk Vacancy


A challenging and interesting opportunity has arisen for a suitably experienced, enthusiastic and competent individual to be appointed as Clerk and RFO to North Luffenham Parish Council. The successful candidate will be required to work from home and will be provided with a laptop, software and printer.

The salary is in accordance with nationally based terms and conditions and is currently £10.62 per hour. Hours of work are 11 hours per week.

Responsibilities of the post include:

  • Advising Parish Council of policy issues and proper procedure.
  • All Parish Council administration and correspondence.
  • Arranging meetings, compiling agendas and producing the minutes of meetings.
  • Managing financial records, monitoring and reconciling the accounts, preparing accounts for audit.

The Parish Council is sole Trustee of the North Luffenham Field Gardens and Recreation Ground Charity and the Clerk would be responsible for dealing with all administration in connection with this.

You will need to be able to work flexibly, and attendance at evening meetings is essential. Some knowledge of council procedure is an advantage but essential training will be provided. In addition, support can be provided for further training towards the Certificate of Local Council Administration.

Applicants must have:

  • Experience of administration and financial management with sound word processing and spreadsheet management skills.
  • Ability to work to own initiative and to work with volunteers to achieve the Council’s objectives.
  • Good numeracy, oral and written communication skills

Please call Parish Council Chairman: Tim Smith on 01780 360083 or email for job description, person specification and further details.

Applications in the form of a CV and covering letter are invited by 5th February 2021 and should be sent to:

Tim Smith, Chair NLPC, The Old Poor Barn, 6a Church Street, North Luffenham, LE15 8JR

Closing date for applications: 5th February 2021

Interview dates: w/c 15th February 2021

Clerk commencement date: 1st Apr 2021 (Or earlier by negotiation)

Foodbank Donnations

Dear Villagers,  

The Rutland Foodbank is extremely thankful for all the donations that have been given in the past  year. The collection point at the telephone box in North Luffenham will continue in use for the  foreseeable future.  

Please use the plastic box to leave donations as it is rodent safe. The shelves are for the jigsaw  exchange only. 

 The box is emptied regularly and goods are taken to Oakham on a weekly basis. 

Please do not give mince pies (they have a short shelf life ) or Christmas puddings.  A list of the latest shortages is updated regularly on Rutland Foodbank’s Facebook site.

 Many thanks 

Airfield Closed in early 2021

St Georges Barracks, airfield will be CLOSED to the public for the beginning of the new year. This is for training purposes.

The airfield will be out of bounds to the public from 16th Jan 2021 straight through to 22nd March 2021.

With the exception of the following weekends:

30-31st January 2021

6-7th February 2021

27-28th February 2021

6-7th March 2021

13-14th March 2021.


Sunday 20th December 6pm on The Oval

“Come & Sing Carols by Starlight”

Photographing the Night Sky | Nikon

30 minutes of Carols & Readings

Do dress warmly, bring chairs, torches & refreshments! 

The songsheet for the Carols can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

Christmas Day in church 9.30am

Family Communion 

We may not sing but will have live music! Both events will be conducted strictly in line with current Covid guidelines – please be thoughtful & observe social distancing

Please click on this link for the poster:

RCC Covid-19 Update

The UK Government has today confirmed that Rutland will remain a Tier 2 area (High Risk) as part of England’s local COVID-19 restrictions.

Under current guidance, anyone living in a Tier 2 area must:

*Not mix with other households indoors
*Only meet people outdoors in groups of six or less
*Work from home if possible
*Reduce the number of journeys they make

This is in addition to washing hands regularly, wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces and staying at least two metres apart from other people – or one metre with a face covering or other precautions.

Full details of what you can and cannot do if you live or work in a Tier 2 area can be found online at: <> .

From 23 to 27 December 2020, there are different Christmas rules for meeting friends and family: <> .

We saw a promising decline in Rutland’s COVID-19 figures during the second national lockdown. These numbers have risen again in recent weeks, which is why we remain a Tier 2 area.

It is incredibly important that we continue to follow the guidance for our area, particularly as the government has committed to relaxing some of its COVID restrictions over Christmas.

This is positive news for families who have been kept apart during the pandemic but, equally, comes with risks and we must all act responsibly. Those who choose to form a ‘Christmas bubble’ can do so between 23 and 27 December, with people from no more than three households. However, it must be stressed that this is a limit, not a target, and that meeting fewer people will mean families are less likely to catch or spread the virus.”

Best Wishes,
Gale Waller
Councillor, Normanton Ward
Rutland County Council

Please join us: we need your help and your involvement!

In the Community Centre 

(Please note that the venue has been changed from The Fox)

When: Tuesday 8th December.

Time: 6pm. Somebody will be on hand to answer your questions


Thursday 10th December (help on queries from 3pm)

We will take note of everything you have to say. 

Post it notes will also be available for your comments.

Please join us: we need your help and your involvement!

In the Community Centre 

(Please note that the venue has been changed from The Fox)

When: Tuesday 8th December.

Time: 6pm. Somebody will be on hand to answer your questions


Thursday 10th December (help on queries from 3pm)

We will take note of everything you have to say. 

Post it notes will also be available for your comments.