Postal Votes: Press Release from RCC.


All postal votes for the Rutland and Stamford Constituency were issued to Royal Mail on time in two batches (one batch issued on 20th June for postal voters registered before 4th June, the second batch issued on 24th June for postal voters registered after 4th June).

Royal Mail are handling a large number of postal votes for all constituencies in the general election. As of Friday 28th June, the Council is aware that some postal voters in the Rutland and Stamford area are yet to receive their ballot papers.

If postal ballots are not received from Royal Mail on Monday 1st July, voters can request a replacement ballot by calling Rutland County Council on: 01572 720 954. This can then be collected from the Council’s Catmose offices in Oakham, once processed.

If waiting until Monday 1st July to receive your postal ballot means you will be unable to vote and you have not already done so, please contact the Council urgently before 4.30pm on Friday 28th June by calling: 01572 720 954.

Some Council staff have experienced verbal abuse when trying to assist postal voters affected by these delays. This behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

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