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Extracts from Captain of the ‘A’ Team Annual Report

There were some changes to the team during the season with Lewis leaving for the Falklands,  Ben Cox joining the team and immediately playing very well reminding us how good a player he is,  Andy and James played most of the games and without them it would have been difficult to maintain the numbers  needed to field a team.  Thank you  to all the team members for the commitment and dedication during the season.

2016/17 was a difficult season for the ‘A’  team with several disappointing  results notably a 6-4 win at Paston when an 8-2  win should have been the result.  An 6-4 win at home to Eyebury highlighted the  weaknesses in the team  although  it must be said Eyebury  played very well that night.  A 4-6 loss at Ramsey  was the worst result  of the season.

For  comparison in 2016 the team scored  four x ten/nil results , in 2015/2016 ten x ten/nil scores were recorded. In the latter part of the season the team were resigned to second place in the league, behind Paston, when out of the blue at their penultimate game, Paston lost 10-0 at  Northborough and handed the league to North Luffenham.

In  other competitions  the team won the Annette Stubbins cup beating Paston  in the final. North  Luffenham teams won the North Cambs area singles, pairs, triples, and  fours competitions. In county competitions Jason won the Hertfordshire singles with Jack runner-up.  Thomas , Jack and Jason won  the Hertfordshire triples and this qualified them to represent  Hertfordshire at the national finals in County Durham which they also won and they  are the current Nation Triples Champions, well done them!  Paul won the Cambridgeshire singles competition and went on to win the  Eastern  Counties Competition.

AGM 2017 for Carpet Bowls Club

Members of North Luffenham Carpet Bowls Club are reminded that the AGM will be on Monday 19 June at the Community Centre, North Luffenham at 7.30.

Anyone wanting an agenda please phone 01780 720631.

The mats will still be down so that anyone can have a go and a cup of tea.

New members are always welcome.

Sylvia Lawson (Sec)

Carpet Bowls Club AGM 2016

It was decided at the recent AGM to have a celebration day to commemorate the start of the Club which was soon after the opening of the Community Centre

The day was the 3 September. In the afternoon the Drawn Pairs took place. This when all attending put their names into a hat and drew out a partner. This makes very interesting pairing with champion players partnering novices. It is also very tiring! However the pair who came first were Lynda and Jack and were awarded the cup, next came Paul and Dot, then Jason and Martin. Good for them and now it was time to eat..

The buffet supper was enjoyed by all at 7 pm Players and wives were delighted with chicken and salmon etc and all sorts of salad dishes followed by fantastic deserts. Seconds were obligatory. When coffee was being served Paul gave a short history of the club and paid tribute to Jason for his enthusiasm and drive in starting the club and making it grow . Tim then presented a silver engraved plate to Jason. Jason had recently resigned from the chair having held it for 19 years.

Anyone interested in having a go at bowls there is a practice evening on Mondays in the hall 7 to 9. Come along . Tea and biscuits for a small fee. The game keeps you and you toes and is great fun.

Sylvia Lawson

Chair’s Report 2014/2015 – Carpet Bowls Club

Chair’s Report 2014/2015

Another year has gone by and we again find ourselves reviewing the carpet bowls season.  I won’t steal the team captain’s thunder with comments of league performances but I will say the results at the end of the year surprised me  and were not at all what I expected.

We welcome a couple of new players, Tim and Simon – Simon has now discovered what his left hand is really for, as he is right-handed at everything else.  Tim  is showing promise as a good bowler  and I hope both  Simon and Tim will enter an open competition and join in with the league teams next season.

The Monday evenings have been well attended with a wide range of ages and abilities, we are still the envy of the carpet  bowls world for our welcoming attitude to all age groups, I can’t think of another club that has such a good ethic and is able to gain members.

Two of our players have been picked for the Hertfordshire County team and have helped that county go from a regular fifth place in the East Area to second and gain their highest ever total of points.  The  team picked a player of the season in a secret ballot and I am proud to say that award went to Thomas Ellis.

I would like to thank Linda for the tea/coffee/biscuits and opening up every week, Bill for keeping us  solvent, Sylvia for keeping the paperwork  in order.  Of course the team captains for making sure every fixture is played and players get to all the games.  And all of our members for the jokes and fun we have through the year.

I will end this rambling report by wishing you all luck for the coming season and hope that we can raise ourselves again to perform well and maybe attend a few competitions.

North Luffenham Carpet Bowls Club


North Luffenham carpet bowls club

The winter season has just started.  Both teams are now in the first division of the North Cambs League because the 2nd team won promotion.  However  this means that the teams will have to play each other, once at home and once away.  Of course the venue will be in the same place, the community centre hall.

Confused!  The difference being that each team has its own mat which it plays on regularly, and is used to its foibles.  Quite clear really. 

All the best to all players.  I hope the weather keeps fine for away games.


CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT FOR YEAR 2013-2014 – Carpet Bowls Club

Please see below for Carpet Bowls Club Chairman’s report


As usual the club has won a couple of competitions through the last year, although I must say we have not had as much success as we have been used to in recent years.

Both teams next year will play in the same division which will cause a few problems for the team captains. This will be further complicated by the  loss to the  club of Davide Russo who has gone to  work in Germany .  We should thank Davide for the tremendous bowls he has given our club over the years and for the support shown in helping the younger members  gain experience at competitions.  I hope he will come back upon  his return from Germany.

We also may have to face the loss of Rhys to the RAF in the near future.  Rhys has played for our club for more than half his life and can’t now remember not playing bowls.  He is a remarkable talent, who at the age of 15,  won the Cambridgeshire singles title and went to the national finals.    He has won several national titles with the county side, as did Davide.  Players like these are hard to come by and we have been exceptionally lucky to have had them in our ranks.

It was good to see so many players turn out for the presentation evening, a special mention to Margaret who picked up her second bowls trophy.  Carol and Kay also picked up their first trophies, hopefully the first of many.  Jessica and Katy are the only players in the league to have picked up winners trophies for two divisions in the same year.

I must thank Sylvia and Bill  for their continued work, Linda for opening up each and every week.  Both team Captains for somehow ,  managing to find a team to play in the depths of winter.  I hope we can get some of the more reserved members to play in some league games next year,  and some of the regular players to come  to some competitions and gain a little more experience.

Thank  you

Jason Ellis

Bowling through the winter

The two teams are two third through the season which finishes in early April. Both are well up in their division. The A team is in the first division of the East Cambridgeshire League and have been for many years. Usually they win the Cup.

The other team is also in the League and is doing well in the second division but with four games to go – anything may happen!

Luckily the dreadful rainy season has not affected any away games but some opposing teams have had to reschedule owing to weather or sickness.

Watching curling in the Olympics has proved popular with some members! There is some affinity between the two games! Both require co-ordination between hand and eye, concentration and tactics.

Good luck to all players for the rest of the season.

Sylvia M Lawson, Carpet Bowls Club

Carpet Bowls Club End of Year Party

A party was enjoyed by players, family and friends at the community centre on 30 December. The hall was used to play games on the bowling mats. This was good fun as children and adults could compete on equal terms.

The kitchen came in useful serving drinks, hot and cold. Food was supplied by members of the club and laid out in the lounge for people to help themselves, which they did with gusto.

A separate table had to be brought into use for the delightful deserts. The lounge was able to seat everyone and old and new members had a re-union chatting, and eating.

Everyone helped to clear up after the festivities and thanks was given to all those who contributed.

A happy new year was wished by all to everyone.

via Sylvia Lawson, Carpet Bowls Club

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Carpet Bowls Singles Competition Results 2013

On Saturday 22 September members of the North Luffenham Carpet Bowls Club (NLCBC) met in the Community Centre.

The occasion was the Singles Competition which is held every year about this time. It is a prelude to the coming start of the League competitions in which the NLCBC enters two teams, Fourteen players took part in a ‘Round Robin’ and were supported by members of the Club, relatives and friends.

Of course competition was keen, with many cliff hanging moments, Play went on all afternoon. The out come was: Tim Smalley – took the Winners Cup and the Club Shield. The runner up was Thomas Ellis taking the Trophy. Well done and congratulations to them both. The presentation was made by Katy Ellis.

An entertaining and enjoyable time ended with a serving of fish and chips all round.

via Sylvia Lawson, Carpet Bowls Club

Cambridgeshire and National Carpet Bowls Championships Report

Three members of the Carpet Bowls Club took part in Cambridgeshire County competitions recently.

The competition is of a very high standard consisting of the best players from local clubs.  However, both the singles and the triples won their respective matches, which entitled them to go forward to the National Championship which, of course, is of an even higher standard.

The Championships were played over a period of 2 days in Blackpool. The team played extremely well but seemed disappointed that they only took third place.  They usually come first.  Better luck next year.  We are proud of you.

via Sylvia Lawson, Carpet Bowls Club

2013 Annual General Meeting for Carpet Bowls Club

Members of the Carpet Bowls Club are reminded that the AGM will be held on Monday 13 May 2013 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre.

The Minutes of the last meeting are on the notice board in the Community Centre.

via Sylvia M Lawson, Carpet Bowls Club