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Thank you from North Luffenham Sewing Bees & Invitation to donate to the FTLOS Fundraising Appeal

We took a bit of a break on VE day but there were still some generous folk around who kindly donated £ to the official FTLOS appeal for funds.  A big THANK YOU to those who raised a total of £81; this is being used to buy fabric needed for some specific hospital PPE.

If anyone missed the bucket going round at Gerry’s salute, here is the link to the Just Giving page… Alternatively, you can contribute in person at our nearest donation box located in Edith Weston Village Shop:-

Just Giving:

Meanwhile, the Sewing & Stitching Bees of North Luffenham continue to re-purpose your duvets, sheets and fabric into scrub suits, hats & laundry bags.

Whilst we now number more than 20 busy bees, we still need more sewers & cutters – whether you can manage a straight line or fancy a go at hats & headbands.

Please contact Liliane Coogan (01780 721047) if you would to join our merry band of helpers 😊.

As for our Scrub Catwalk 2020, you might recognise some familiar faces & fabrics in our most recent creations …

Many thanks for anything & everything you can do at this time.

More information on the whole programme here

Stay Safe 😊

Lin Burrows

This Post will expire at 2:05pm on Saturday July 11th, 2020.

VE Day Guides and Party Packs

Local company PennyGuides Ltd have VE Day party packs available to dress up your houses and family for social distancing parties at your home, garden or street.

They have also produced a free “D-Day to VE-day” app at telling the whole story for the 75th anniversary.

Please have a look, everything is in a pack for you to celebrate on one day what our previous generation did for us…follow the app; the surrender document in May is something else.

Order your pack online at and follow PennyGuides on Instagram, Facebook and their YouTube Channel. All at #pennyguides.

Please remember our war winning heroes as well as the NHS.

Have fun…as far as safely possible

VE Day Virtual Celebrations

An online VE Day celebration is being organised by North Luffenham based small business Penny Guides. Penny Guides, which preserves veteran’s stories within interactive battlefield tours was born of a conversation at @ The FOX pub.  The original plan for VE Day was to celebrate with activities and opportunities to gather and share veteran’s stories at the pub over the long weekend. The event has had to be planned a little differently now, with a combination of online and bottom of garden celebrations, activities for adults and children, joining in with the national toast and clap for veteran’s at 3 pm. A detailed agenda is attached. Let’s get the bunting out!

More details can be found on the PennyGuides Facebook page

NHS Scrubs Thank You!

The Sewing Bees of North Luffenham would like to thank everyone for their fabric donations.

Since last weekend, we have been busy washing, deconstructing, ironing, cutting out and repurposing your donations into scrub suits, hats & laundry bags.

We are still looking for more sewers, even if you can only manage a straight line or fancy a go at hats – there is still a huge demand locally for this PPE.

Please contact Liliane Coogan if you would to join our merry band of helpers 😊.

Here are a few of the hospitals, care homes and hospices that have already been delivered to:-

Peterborough City Hospital

Uppingham Surgery

Manton Hall

Rutland County Council

Sue Ryder Hospices

Meanwhile, you might recognise some familiar faces in some of our creations …

Tags handmade with love by children accompany our finished articles to the Donation Box in Ketton.

Many thanks for anything & everything you can do at this time.

More information on the whole programme here

Stay Safe 😊

NEEDED URGENTLY – Your unwanted fabric, duvet covers & pillow cases by the ”FOR THE LOVE OF SCRUBS STAMFORD & RUTLAND” sewers

We are asking all the residents of North Luffenham to donate their unwanted fabric to enable the making of the PPE being sewn by our local sewers.

All materials must be able to withstand 60C wash…

Duvet covers/Sheets – cotton/polycotton for scrubs outfits

Pillow cases – for laundry bags

Fat Squares – for headbands & surgical hats (2 needed per hat)

Any other cheery, fun fabric 😊

Also, any large buttons, thread and tape you may have stashed away

Please drop items off in a plastic bag at Liliane Coogan’s @

22 Sycamore Road (end of cul-de-sac on RHS)

Alternatively, we are happy to collect from your gate so do give Liliane a call on 01780 721047 and we’ll pick up.

If anyone in the village would like to start making any items, patterns are available on line & we now have 3 x patterns for Scrubs in the village available to loan.

Many thanks for anything & everything you can do at this time.

More information on the whole programme here

Stay Safe 😊

Rutland Services Open During Coronavirus Situation

Rutland County Council have produced a list of shops and services that are currently open during the current Coronavirus situation – you can access it at the link below


There will be a visit to our nearest drop off/collection ‘For the love of Scrubs’ location in Ketton tomorrow (Wednesday) @ 12 noon.

If anyone needs any fabric, tape etc for bags, hats or headbands then do let us know; finished articles can also be dropped off at the same time & we’re happy to collect these from your garden gate in the morning.

The FTLS Stamford & Rutland group have sourced a pallet load of the correct fabric with their “just giving“ funds.  This is being split into 3 x 3.5 metre packs and this will be distributed amongst the local drop off points.

Please let Liliane Coogan, 01780 721047 know if you would like some of this fabric to make scrub outfits with.

Whilst we are still awaiting arrival of the ‘Scrubs’ pattern, folks can still be making laundry bags, surgical hats & headbands.

Many thanks for anything & everything you can do at this time.

More information on the whole programme here

Stay Safe 😊

Parish Council Meeting tonight – Virtual Conference Details

After the recent approval of emergency legislation, North Luffenham Parish Council will be hold its first virtual meeting tonight at 7pm.

For members of the public to view the meeting, and ask questions in the initial public forum the Google Meet link below can be used

If you have problems with accessing the meeting, you can also connect via phone to listen into the proceedings on the number below

020 3956 5944‬ PIN: ‪921 752 750#‬

Sewers – Can you help make scrubs for the NHS

On the frontline, one member of staff can go through 10 sets of scrubs per day.
If you can get your hands on 3.5 meters of blue or black cotton/poly cotton fabric, you can print the free pattern at home & make various sizes.

Liliane Coogan on 01780 721047 has kindly agreed to co-ordinate our efforts in the village. Please contact her if you can help/donate in any way.  THANK YOU !

Some hospitals are accepting other fabric colours for paediatric staff so you may be able to utilise clean sheets or duvet covers.

For less demanding sewing, they also need:-

  • Laundry bags with draw strings
  • Face masks
  • Hats secured with button

A Facebook Group – For The Love of Scrubs has been created & is good source of further information. Rutland Sewing have started getting in fabric & patterns.

Use below New Look Pattern 6876 or download Free Pattern:

This Post will expire at 7:51am on Monday June 8th, 2020.

Arthurs Mobile Fish & Chips – Delivery Service

Arthur’s Mobile Fish & Chips24 March at 18:06


We will not be running this week (23rd-27th March) after this weeks announcement.

Next week we will be running but on a DELIVERY ONLY basis.
We will NOT be taking any orders at the van. If you come to the van you will be sent away.

Please understand that we can only deliver in the villages that we park in.. if you come to us regularly but don’t live in any of the villages please contact us on 07702318625 to see what we can do.

If you can call before 2pm if possible to place your order on the day please do. We will be taking orders over the phone while the van is out but it makes our job harder. We want this to run as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Payment can be made via BACS, PayPal or at the door via contactless card payment (our card reader will be on a stick to minimise contact) if you are only able to pay by cash please state while ordering and we will call you when we are on our way with your order to leave the money outside your door, and we will leave food with your change (we are disinfecting all cash handled)

If you are unable to pay by BACS or PayPal at Barrowden, Nassington or Elton you will have to pay by cash as we get no signal to use the card reader.

We will be unable to give you a time that your order will be with you, but it will be roughly within the time slot we are in your village.

There will be a £1.20 charge per order for delivery to cover the cost of the extra car and fuel used.

Kerrie-Ann will be delivering your food wearing clean gloves for each delivery and a face mask. She will knock on your door and leave the food on your door step and wait at the end of your drive way to insure you get your food unless payment is needed.

We will not be selling some items on our menu to keep things simple. We will post a menu by the end of the week.

The number to order on is

07702318625. If we don’t answer the phone please DO NOT leave a voice mail, either call again later or send us a text.

Art Easel Loan Required

From Alison Woods – My daughter Erin has her GCSE art exam that she is expected to complete at home on Monday and Tuesday next week. I was wondering if anybody in the village has an easel that they would be willing to lend her to help her to complete this exam?  Apparently a table top easel would be best but anything/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Please reply to this message if you can help

North Luffenham Tip – Closed

Several people have been searching the vilalge web site for information on the status of the North Luffenham Household Waste and Recycling Centre (The Tip..)

This was closed on 20th March by RCC as part of the Coronavirus distancing measures. Its not known when it will open again

Covid-19 / Corona Virus – Official Government Advice

To save everyone from trying to decipher what we all should be doing to minimise our chances of being infected with Covid-19 and trying to filter all the multiple opinions from Facebook, this is the latest HM Government advice on Social Distancing – what they mean by it, and how it should be implemented. It is advice for everyone, but also gives specific details on which groups are at higher risk of complications.