This year on 11th November 2018 it will be the centenary of the ending of the Great War after which the poppy became the symbol of Remembrance.

To mark this there are many schemes using poppies.

Here in the village , our Rector, Pippa would like a scheme for knitting/ crocheting poppies for a Cascade of flowers outside the church. This should be beautiful provided enough poppies are made! This project will be spearheaded by Fay Cummings and further details will follow after Easter.

In Oakham, it is hoped to replicate a version from the Tower of London with clay poppies at the castle.

I would like to set up an opportunity in the village for the clay poppy scheme ( open to men, women and older children ) and hope this would be one Saturday in June.

Apparently during a session of about 2 hours , it takes each person about 15 MINUTES to make a poppy. These will then be taken away for firing. All tuition is given. Artistic talent not needed.

Cost is zero although donations are welcome.

I need about 20 expressions of interest to set this up.

So if you would be interested please contact me by email : hilary.daintith@gmail.com

St George’s Barracks’ Development – Concerns and Considerations Paper

This evening I forwarded the following note to Oliver Hemsley, Leader RCC and Helen Briggs – CEO RCC:

“We write as the Chairs of North Luffenham and Edith Weston Parish Councils.

Please find attached a paper written by the Joint Edith Weston / North Luffenham St George’s Barracks Working Group. The paper is an initial draft of a document that will evolve over time. Its aim is to encompass the concerns of our respective Parishioners regarding the proposed development at St George’s Barracks. We would be grateful if this document could be shared with the team writing the First Draft Master Plan, to enable them to take into account some of the very real concerns and considerations of those that are likely to be most affected by the development. We will circulate the document widely including all County Councillors and all Parish Councils.

We will look forward to your proposed consultation to enable us to expand upon the themes contained within the initial draft paper.


Paul Cummings – Chair North Luffenham Parish Council
Norman Milne – Edith Weston Parish Council

Note to Parishioners:

Please scan the attached paper and let me have your ideas for further issues that should be included in the next draft of the document. Of course at present we have yet to have sight of the initial draft of the Master Plan document that will tell us much more of what is proposed. The Joint Parish Councils’ Working Group have met frequently and have been pressing RCC for further consultation before any Plans are published. This has now been agreed and we will be meeting in the near future.

How can you influence the process ?? Might I suggest that you write to Sir Alan Duncan your MP and to the local papers to express your concern – you might find some useful themes in the Concerns Paper. To start the ball rolling I have written to the Mercury this week expressing our concern about the scale of the project and highlighting the fact that according to RCC’s Local Plan these homes are not required in the period 2016 – 2036.

PBG CUMMINGS – Tel: 720124


SAFARI SUPPER – 14 APR 18 – Have you registered ??

As previously published, the village Safari Supper is scheduled for Saturday 14th Apr 18. Have you registered your interest?? If not please contact Judy Cade (Tel: 720467) or Paul Cummings (Tel: 720124). Cost is £20/House with all proceeds going to Dove Cottage Day Hospice.

A fun evening eating and meeting your way around the village. Booking Deadline is 24th March.

Create an Easter Garden and bring to Church

People of any age can make an Easter Garden:

Each garden needs to include the main elements of the Easter story: a cross, a tomb and some signs of new life, like a tiny plant from the garden, sprouted grass seed, cress seed, paper flowers….

On Maundy Thursday (the last day of term) please bring your Easter Garden to Church on between 8.40 and 9.10, so that they can be displayed. If you can’t make this time, please contact Pippa or Janet (see below)

On Good Friday we will gather at Church for a 10am start, then (weather permitting) go on a short walk (strong shoes advised), remembering the final parts of Jesus’ life and ending up in Church to celebrate how the story ends and the signs of new life . . .

Hot cross buns will follow!

Do come and join us: this will be quite short and is suitable for all ages.

Pippa the Rector

St George’s Barracks – Scale of Development

The Chairs of North Luffenham and Edith Weston Parish Councils have written to RCC on behalf of our respective communities to express our concern at the proposed scale of the development of St George’s Barracks (1,500 – 3,000 new homes). We commented that the proposal to build a new town, the size of Uppingham, in an area which has hitherto been predominantly rural in nature, had created near unanimous opposition to what is being proposed. We indicated that there is strong support in the local area for a development of no more than 500 houses phased over an extended period. The letter has been released to Local press and a number of radio interviews have been arranged. A copy of our letter is attached:

Development of St George’s Barracks – Mar 18

St George’s Barracks – Development of Officers’ Mess Site

We have been advised that Rutland County Council’s Cabinet intend to consider a proposal to release £850,000 of funds to support the redevelopment of the Officers’ Mess Site at St George’s Barracks. The full details of the proposal are in the attached document.

Summary of Proposals: The Officers’ Mess site is a 4 Hectare (10 Acre) brownfield site, which is adjacent to, but entirely separate from the Barracks on the South side of Edith Weston Road. The proposal is to build about 70 homes on the site of which at least 30% will be affordable homes. The intent is that Council acquires the site and takes forward the development separately from, and in advance of the full Barracks Development. The Council have committed to consulting with Parish Councils and the Community to understand our ‘ambitions’ for the site and has committed to holding meetings with stakeholder groups to set out their proposals and to understand and mitigate our concerns, which where practicable will be incorporated into the design.

Action by the Community: This development of at least 70 new homes on a high value site overlooking the Chater Valley, is going to have a significant impact upon our village communities and Edith Weston in particular. Bearing in mind that this initiative is to be funded by local authority money, we need to ensure that we ‘hold the Council’s feet to the fire’ and that our concerns are heard. Silence will inevitably be considered as acceptance or at least acquiescence. The Parish Councils of both villages will continue to seek to influence the Council’s decisions and to represent your views.

Please do read the document.

Barracks Paper – 5 Mar 18

North Luffenham Garden Club Meeting, Thursday 8 March

North Luffenham Garden Club Meeting this Thursday 8th March at the Community Centre starting at 7.30pm.

This month Trevor Rogers, an experienced fruit grower and former RHS tutor, will be holding an interactive fruit growing clinic. We look forward to learning better ways of growing and enjoying the fruits of our labours.

As always, we  welcome non members, (guests £2.00).

Help Needed ?

With the help of Good Companions, members of the Parish Council have visited a number of villagers to see whether they needed any help as a result of the adverse weather. Those visited had made provision and often had the support of family and friends. However if anybody else requires help, or knows of somebody who does, then North Luffenham Good Neighbour Scheme can be contacted (8 am to 8 pm) on 07825 697841, and the scheme will endeavour to help.

Fraud Alert

A Fraud MO is being conducted against elderly vulnerable people involving a male caller, described by various victims as having an Indian or foreign accent, contacting the vulnerable person knowing their name, address and bank in order to try to get them to withdraw money from the bank.
Offences have continued across the force with a potential further 14 incidents being called into the Police over the last few weeks. This is likely to be higher in number due to some incidents being reported directly to Action Fraud and others being unreported.
A couple of variations to the method have been observed, these being the victim being persuaded to transfer their money into the suspects bank account and also where the scam initially began as a BT/TalkTalk representative rather than from the Police/bank.

PC 2113 Pete Icke | Eastern Counties – DNO NR37 Beat.
Rutland South Beat Officer
Telephone 3302113
Email: peter.icke@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk
 Address: Oakham Police Station – Station Road, Oakham Rutland LE15 6QT

Chater Bowls 2018 AGM Highlights

  • The AGM was held in the warmth of Fox Inn on Monday 26th Feb. We would like to thank Jason Allen for making us most welcome
  • Officers for 2018 will be:

             President:  Bindon Carter, Secretary: Alan Costello, Fixture Secretary: Richard Chown

  •      Club in good financial health with a cash surplus
  • The number of confirmed matches has once more reduced from 31 to 21 this year. 11 at home and 10 away.
  • The annual subscription to remain at £40.
  • The Match Captains for 2018 will be;
    • May & Sept    Derek Britton
    • June                Dave Kisby
    • July                 To be arranged
    • Aug                 Ian Gill
  • A Date for the Alan Rose Trophy will be confirmed later.
  • The first roll up will be 2pm on Tuesday 1st May (TBC)
  • The first match will be Sun 6th May at Greetham commencing at 2:30 pm

If you wish to spend a long hot summer bowling at the Chater Bowls Club in North Luffenham , the friendliest club in Rutland, please contact me at chaterbowls@gmail.com


Alan Costello

Secretary Chater Bowls Club


North Luffenham Parish Council (Trustee) next meeting: 5th March 2018

The next meeting of North Luffenham Parish Council (as Trustee for The Oval and Allotment Field Garden) will be on Monday, 5th March 2018, immediately following the Parish Council meeting in the Community Centre. The Agenda and associated paper is listed below.