Notice of Proposal to Amend the Scheme under which the Trust Operates

North Luffenham Village Trust

Notice of Proposal to Amend the Scheme under which the Trust Operates

The Trustees of the North Luffenham Village Trust are proposing to make 2 changes to the current charity Scheme wording. Prior to making a formal application to the Charity Commission to amend the scheme, the Trustees are consulting with key stakeholders to obtain feedback on the proposals. Key stakeholders are the Parish Council, The Parochial Church Council and villagers who are potential beneficiaries of the Scheme. The period of consultation is running until midnight on Sunday 8th December after which the Trustees will consider any modifications arising from the consultation, before submitting a formal application for a revised scheme to the Charity Commission.

The proposed changes are as follows:

1. Change to the definition of “the area of benefit”

Original wording: Section #1 – Definitions: “the area of benefit” means the The Parish of North Luffenham and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Proposed Wording: Section #1 – Definitions: “the area of benefit” means the The Parish of North Luffenham and the surrounding area as defined by the Civil Parish Boundary.

Rationale: In the light of the proposals for the development of the St George’s Barracks site just over the current civil parish boundary, the Trustees are concerned that the ability of the Trust to support people living in North Luffenham could be severely diluted if the new development were to be included in its area of benefit through a loose definition. As the original intention was to support people in and around the village of North Luffenham, the Trustees propose clarifying the boundary of the area of benefit to avoid any future risk of major new developments adversely impacting the value of the Trust to local inhabitants.

2. Change to the Objects of the Charity in relation to promotion of education:

Original wording: Section #4 (1) (a): promoting the education of persons who are under the age of 18 and are in need of financial assistance and have at any time attended a school in the area of benefit.

Proposed Wording: Section #4 (1) (a): promoting the education of persons who are in need of financial assistance and have at any time attended a school in the area of benefit or are now resident in the area of benefit.

Rationale: When the objects were originally drafted, few people continued in education after the age of 18. As times have changed and many now go on to further education and university, the Trust receives many applications from university students seeking support with maintenance, travel and materials costs. The Trustees would like to make clear in the objects that university and mature students are eligible for support and that providing such support is fully aligned with the original aims and intentions of the Scheme given the change in society. The trustees therefore propose to remove reference to an age limit and also to provide scope to assist those who move into the village even if they have not previously attended the village school.

If you have any comments or suggestions relating to the proposed changes, please send your feedback in writing to the Clerk of Trustees by midnight on Sunday 8th December as follows:

Mrs K Dexter,
Clerk to the Trustees
North Luffenham Village Trust
13 Digby Drive
North Luffenham
LE15 8JS

Defibrillator back in action

Because of water ingress into the cabinet the defibrillator was removed. The problem has been resolved and the defibrillator has been returned to the cabinet and ready should it be needed.

In any medical emergency always first dial 999 or 112. There are also volunteers in the village who will help if the defibrillator is thought to be required: 01780 322070.

Welland Vale Garden Centre Christmas Market

Welland Vale Garden Centre, Uppingham, will be hosting a local market on Wednesday 27th November, in support of local businesses. Chater Community Choir will be singing and Rutland Radio & Santa will be in attendance. There will be a raffle with proceeds going to a local charity (to be decided) and a draw for our local primary school wildlife at Christmas completion where the children’s trees will be on display

North Luffenham Bonfire and Fireworks – 5th November

North Luffenham Parish Council will be holding their annual Bonfire and Fireworks Night on The Oval on Tuesday 5th November. The event will open at 6pm, with the fireworks starting at 6:30pm. There will be a Barbeque hosted by the Cricket Club, and hot drinks and mulled wine will be available. The fireworks are funded by donations on the night, and so please give generously to the bucket collectors. Help is still required with stewarding and bucket collecting. If you would like to be part of the event please contact Charles Cade on 01780 720467

NL Parish Council and Trust Meetings: Monday 28th October @ 7.00pm NL Community Centre

Please find attached Agendas and supporting papers for next Mondays meetings

My Heart Just Skipped a Beat

Concert at Barrowden Church – 26 October 7.30

Vocalists Tracey Steward and Amber Furrsedonn-Coates with Pianist Ivan Linford will perform a variety of songs from opera to the shows.
In aid of Barrowden Defibrillator fundraising. 

Tickets £10 from Sally and Stuart Brown 01572 748742 or

Return of the Gesualdo Six

Tonight’s the night.

The Gesualdo Six, one of the finest young vocal groups in the UK, are performing tonight at North Luffenham church at 7 pm.

They sing a wide range of amazing music and are much broadcast, recorded & well travelled, our candlelit concert is being fitted in between venues in Beruit and Paris!

Please note the concert starting time of 7pm but drinks & nibbles are available from 6.30pm which will give you time to view our fine grade one medieval church.

Tickets are £12 from (with no booking fee) & Janet Whittaker 01780-721216.

Please click on the link below to see the poster.

Defibrillator out of action.

The defibrillator situated at The Fox is out of action. With the recent heavy rain a lot of water has made ingress into the cabinet, which is heated, and it is probably electrically unsafe. The problem has been reported to the Community Heartbeat Trust who supplied the defibrillator.

Always dial 999 or 112 in any medical emergency.

RCC Snow warden scheme

Last year Rutland County Council initiated a Snow Warden scheme which was set up to support the local gritting of footways across Rutland’s parishes. This scheme asked parishes to attempt to compile a number of volunteers who would be prepared to grit the local footpaths within their immediate area. In 2018/19 there were fourteen volunteers who signed up to the scheme. Through the Snow Warden Scheme, RCC will provide advice and equipment to any volunteers. We are keen for the parish councils to oversee this volunteer project in their area and encourage their local communities to get involved to provide support to their local community. Rutland County Council would like to invite the parish council and any local residents who are interested in getting involved in the snow warden scheme to a training meeting on 15th October 2019 at 6:30pm in the Council Chamber at our Catmose Office.

The Snow Warden must:

  • be nominated as suitable by the town or parish council or similar body
  • have received suitable training by RCC to carry out Snow Warden duties
  • agree to work within the advice provided by the county council
  • agree to work to the parish council’s plan that has been agreed with RCC
  • be registered with RCC

The Snow Warden will be working on behalf of the parish council, not RCC

If there any residents interest please can they contact the Parish clerk: Telephone 01780 408288 or email:

Attached are further details and an application form along with what you need to do