VE Day Virtual Celebrations

An online VE Day celebration is being organised by North Luffenham based small business Penny Guides. Penny Guides, which preserves veteran’s stories within interactive battlefield tours was born of a conversation at @ The FOX pub.  The original plan for VE Day was to celebrate with activities and opportunities to gather and share veteran’s stories at the pub over the long weekend. The event has had to be planned a little differently now, with a combination of online and bottom of garden celebrations, activities for adults and children, joining in with the national toast and clap for veteran’s at 3 pm. A detailed agenda is attached. Let’s get the bunting out!

More details can be found on the PennyGuides Facebook page

St George’s Barracks Development – Give Your Opinion

North Luffenham Parish Council have created a short questionnaire on the St George’s Barracks development; please click on the link below to give your opinion. This will enable us (the Parish Council) to give the villages’ viewpoint in the ongoing discussion with Rutland County Council. Thank you for taking a few moments to complete…

Answers will be anonymous; however, comments you add may be used by NLPC in communications regarding St George’s

The Coach House South Luffenham

We’re new at The Coach House Inn, and we have a food takeaway app to order Sunday Lunch, Saturday Cooked Breakfast, and a range of ready meals for collection Wednesday to Saturday.

Call 01780 720 866, message us on the facebook page, or use the app at and choose your pick up time:

Ready meals: anytime Wednesday – Saturday

Saturday breakfast: 9am – 12pm

Sunday lunch: 12noon – 3.30pm

Looking forward to serving you.

Emma and Elliot

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Annual Parish Meeting Newsletter

Because of the current situation the Annual Parish Meeting could not take place nor could the usual distribution of the newsletter. Please click on the link below for the newsletter. This contains important information on the Local Plan and a questionnaire will be posted on this website to seek the views of residents. There are other significant issue for the parish so please download and read.

NLPC Extraordinary Meeting (virtual) Tuesday 5th May 2020 @ 7.30pm

Please see below the agenda for the above meeting

The link to the vitual meeting

Join Google Meet video
Join by phone‪+44 20 3956 0124‬ PIN: ‪613 671 352‬#

NHS Scrubs Thank You!

The Sewing Bees of North Luffenham would like to thank everyone for their fabric donations.

Since last weekend, we have been busy washing, deconstructing, ironing, cutting out and repurposing your donations into scrub suits, hats & laundry bags.

We are still looking for more sewers, even if you can only manage a straight line or fancy a go at hats – there is still a huge demand locally for this PPE.

Please contact Liliane Coogan if you would to join our merry band of helpers 😊.

Here are a few of the hospitals, care homes and hospices that have already been delivered to:-

Peterborough City Hospital

Uppingham Surgery

Manton Hall

Rutland County Council

Sue Ryder Hospices

Meanwhile, you might recognise some familiar faces in some of our creations …

Tags handmade with love by children accompany our finished articles to the Donation Box in Ketton.

Many thanks for anything & everything you can do at this time.

More information on the whole programme here

Stay Safe 😊

Covid-19 RCC Newsletter 9

Dear resident,

I have been signing off these newsletters with the words “stay safe” but I’m going to start with that this time.  Staying safe isn’t just about staying Covid free, it’s also about being safe whilst you are taking your daily exercise.  Residents have recently been contacting me to say they’ve noticed a lot more speeding on our roads since the lock down.  Less traffic seems to encourage those who are on the roads to speed and whilst I don’t know whether they are even Rutland residents can I urge you all to remember speed limits are there for a purpose –even temporary ones where the roads are being resurfaced—so keep to the limit and avoid accidents.  For more information see: Another safety issue concerns dog walkers.  Some of you walk your dogs on the St George’s Barracks site in Edith Weston/North Luffenham.  If you do please take VERY CAREFUL notice of the signage put up by the military.  The site is used for training the military dogs.  Military dogs are very well trained but if engaged in a training exercise might well see your pet, or even you yourself, as the enemy and it is not fair on the dogs’ handlers, or the army, to keep you safe if you have gone into an area you should not be in.  Stay safe –don’t go where you are not meant to be!

For those of you who use buses in Rutland please note, all operators are running a reduced service.  Check before you travel.  For those of you living in Empingham RCC is operating a free fixed time mini bus service for essential journeys between Oakham and Stamford.  You have to give at least one working day’s notice if you wish to use the service.  Call 01572 758138. 

I have said before that RCC’s Covid-19 pages are regularly being updated.  The latest is an additional section –a Young People’s page where, amongst other things, is a section on learning new skills.  In addition if you want information as a family on learning at home try Also, if you want to know which Council services are still running and which are not go to:

And finally a competition for you and your family to enter to celebrate VE day on 8 May

Stay safe.  Stay happy.

Gale Waller

County Councillor, Normanton

A Big Thank You

The volunteers at the Rutland Food Bank would like to thank the residents of North Luffenham for their donation. In only a few days 37 kg of various food items have been donated and delivered to the Food Bank.

Your continued generosity would be appreciated but no fresh food items as these can go off in the time it takes to turn around collection and delivery.

Local Weekend Takeaway Service in South Luffenham

The Boot Inn in South Luffenham is offering a takeaway service at the weekends.

Their menu and specials are on their facebook page and you can call or message them on 01780 720177 or to book a collection slot which runs every 15mins from 5-8pm on Friday and Saturdays.

They will also deliver to North Luffenham residents free of charge if they are self isolating

Food Bank Vouchers

If you need help from the Rutland Food Bank, the quickest way to reach them is by telephone – the team will put you in touch with someone who can give you a voucher:

tel:07852 783363.

The Oakham distribution centre is open:

Monday, 1pm to 2.30pm

Friday, 10am to 11.30am

If you need help in accessing the Food Bank please contact the North Luffenham Good Neighbour Scheme 07825 697841 or

Food Bank Donations

There have been enquires from residents about donating to the Rutland Food Bank. There has been a big increase in requests for help and donations are welcome.

If you would like to donate then donations can be left in a receptacle that will be inside the Telephone Box in Church St.. A resident in the village works at the Food Bank and will deliver them to their premises.

Some items are always in demand but others vary over time and these will be updated. The list below indicate the donations that are most useful.

The foodbank always runs low on the following items:

  • Sponge puddings
  • Tins of potatoes
  • Tins of carrots
  • Cereal Bars
  • Packets of Sugar

Running low at present:

  • Deodorants
  • Washing up liquid
  • Toothpaste for children
  • UHT milk
  • Tins of tomatoes

Covid-19 RCC Newsletter 8

Dear resident,

I hope you all had a happy Easter and the continuing lock down isn’t getting you down too much. Don’t forget if you know someone is on their own, give them a ring, it’s far more cheering than an e-mail.  Rutland council is continually updating its web pages and although the headings remain unchanged the content does change –promise.  Hospitals locally are currently coping very well but have noted a significant reduction in attendance at accident and emergency departments.  If you are ill ‘phone your general practitioner, 111 or, in an emergency, 999 –we don’t want people getting seriously ill or dying because they don’t want to be a burden on the health service at this time. 

There has been some confusion over whether cemeteries are open or not.  Government guidance is now that if you enter a cemetery, to visit a grave for example, social distancing rules apply.   However, the organisation who maintains the cemetery, whether parish or church, is responsible for it and for ensuring the rules are followed so it is their decision on whether to open it or not.  

The good news nationally is that coronavirus seems to be under control but that will only continue if we all follow the rules.  Only go out for collecting medication and essential shopping, and preferably no more than once a week, and then only one person from the household.  Only take one form of exercise outside the perimeters of your home once a day.  Do not undertake unnecessary journeys, whether by bike or car, and this includes visiting family and loved ones; even if you have baked them a wonderful cake!  And above all keep your distance when you are outside your home.  Remember, family groups are those you are currently living with not members of your family who you don’t live with but might see in the street –you must still keep your distance from them. Stay safe.  Stay happy.

Gale Waller

County Councillor, Normanton Ward 01780 722169

NEEDED URGENTLY – Your unwanted fabric, duvet covers & pillow cases by the ”FOR THE LOVE OF SCRUBS STAMFORD & RUTLAND” sewers

We are asking all the residents of North Luffenham to donate their unwanted fabric to enable the making of the PPE being sewn by our local sewers.

All materials must be able to withstand 60C wash…

Duvet covers/Sheets – cotton/polycotton for scrubs outfits

Pillow cases – for laundry bags

Fat Squares – for headbands & surgical hats (2 needed per hat)

Any other cheery, fun fabric 😊

Also, any large buttons, thread and tape you may have stashed away

Please drop items off in a plastic bag at Liliane Coogan’s @

22 Sycamore Road (end of cul-de-sac on RHS)

Alternatively, we are happy to collect from your gate so do give Liliane a call on 01780 721047 and we’ll pick up.

If anyone in the village would like to start making any items, patterns are available on line & we now have 3 x patterns for Scrubs in the village available to loan.

Many thanks for anything & everything you can do at this time.

More information on the whole programme here

Stay Safe 😊

Planning Proposal 2019/0736/FUL: Change of use of hardstanding from an airfield to B8 vehicle storage (retrospective)

Revised plans / proposals for the above application have been received by RCC.
The full details of the application are available to view on their website

Anny comments should be made by 9 May 2020
Planning applications are public documents and as such your comments will be available for public inspection.
Please email any comments you wish to make to

North Luffenham Parish Council will be responding seperately as one of the statutory consultees

Details of the application can be found via the link below

Rutland Services Open During Coronavirus Situation

Rutland County Council have produced a list of shops and services that are currently open during the current Coronavirus situation – you can access it at the link below

Covid-19 Dentistry

All dentists have been advised to cease all face to face contact. A new directive has been issued that advises those with dental issues not to go to their GP or A&E, but to contact dentists that are participating in a triage service. A full list of dentists operating the triage phone service will be provided on the RCC website.


There will be a visit to our nearest drop off/collection ‘For the love of Scrubs’ location in Ketton tomorrow (Wednesday) @ 12 noon.

If anyone needs any fabric, tape etc for bags, hats or headbands then do let us know; finished articles can also be dropped off at the same time & we’re happy to collect these from your garden gate in the morning.

The FTLS Stamford & Rutland group have sourced a pallet load of the correct fabric with their “just giving“ funds.  This is being split into 3 x 3.5 metre packs and this will be distributed amongst the local drop off points.

Please let Liliane Coogan, 01780 721047 know if you would like some of this fabric to make scrub outfits with.

Whilst we are still awaiting arrival of the ‘Scrubs’ pattern, folks can still be making laundry bags, surgical hats & headbands.

Many thanks for anything & everything you can do at this time.

More information on the whole programme here

Stay Safe 😊