Renewable energy at St George’s Barracks ?

Two residents would like your opinion (see below): to comment please go to the Village Wall.

We have been thinking about renewable energy and the possible use of North Luffenham airfield as a wind and solar site. We have been attending parish council meetings to open a dialogue along these lines. We would be interested in the thoughts of the North Luffenham residents and your feedback which you can post on the wall.

18 thoughts on “Renewable energy at St George’s Barracks ?

  1. Robert Purves

    I thought it was time to clarify what the idea is for the solar, wind site at North Luffenham. The idea would be to use the existing 3 runways to site the solar panels and to site 2 x Vesta 4MW wind turbines, these would be sited on the aircraft hard standings, these are approx 1.5 km North East of the village so would not be heard unless you are close to them. The site would only be in operation for 25 to 30 years as Ketton cement will gradually work there way towards the village to take out the limestone which is under the airfield.
    If the runways are removed they will release a large quantity of CO2 which will not be good for the environment.
    By now most people will have had large increases to their energy bills and in October there will be another increase, we do need to start a conversation on what should be done with the airfield.

  2. Chris

    I have no objections to the idea of developing a renewable energy site at St George’s Barracks but there are a few things to consider with this proposal.

    Approximately 50% of the runway area in this proposal appears to be identified in the St George’s Barracks Masterplan Guidance and Design Codes document issued in November 2021 by North Luffenham Parish Council as a future mineral extraction area (Page 13) ?

    Power output from any renewable energy site would have to be connected by the local Distribution Network Operator (Western Power Distribution) to the National Grid, would possibly require new cables to be installed to a suitable substation on the network in Rutland ?

  3. Lin

    Totally agree with all comments thus far – anything to benefit our village, and Edith Weston, has to be a massive consideration compared to recent and ridiculous attempts. This has to be a case of ‘little in much’ rather than the muchly the bureaucrats propose for financial gain

  4. Peter Wilkinson

    Do we want the three year distruption to our area as well as unsightly wind turbines and their accompaning noise. I certainly Do Not. Solar farm would be more hidden , less noise, but still disruptive for many years. We live in a quite rural area .Lets appreciate it .Why spoil it.

  5. Martin Shewry

    I agree with the comments so far. Faced with the inappropriate alternative of a huge ‘Garden Village’ and its daily commute on the surrounding roads, it’s got to be better, if properly done.

    1. Jackie & Mark

      We have no objection to a solar farm and agree it would be a good and better use of the land.
      However we would object to a wind farm as we feel the wind turbines would be very detrimental to the landscape and too close to existing homes. Noisy and unsightly.

  6. Revd Pippa Madgwick

    A creative suggestion for a brownfield site, avoiding taking productive arable land out of use – we need both green energy and food.
    There seems to be local support for the idea, unlike solar farms in other locations.

  7. Jason

    Great idea and practical use of the site, it certainly supports the environmental and sustainability ambitions of many. Obviously visual or potential noise implications would need to be considered and mitigated. However it is certainly worthy of further investigation given the alternative options for the site.

  8. Julie & Woody

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Rutland became the first independently sustainable county – great idea – natural sound buffers need to be investigated – also can they be grazed around? Environmentally planted?

  9. Peter Austin

    This would be a fabulous use of this land. Most of us will live in houses that are too old to be properly thermally insulated and will therefore have to rely on schemes such as this to provide us with the energy that we’ll need.

  10. Gillian Jeffery

    I have been thinking that St Georges could be used for solar and wind generation. It would certainly get my support.

  11. Bernard

    No objections and think it’s a good idea, especially if the energy can be used locally. Certainly better than mass housing with its concomitant problems.


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