Village Website Administration

The Parish Council has appointed a group of volunteers to administer & develop the village website.

The group is made up of a selection of villagers, which includes three Parish Councillors of which one is a IT specialist and one website administrator.

  • Wayne Bishop (website administrator)
  • Pete Burrows (parish councillor, website editor, IT specialist)
  • Tim Smith (parish councillor, website editor)
  • John Willoughby (parish clerk, website editor)

Responsibilities are:

  1. Ensuring the upkeep of the website for the benefit of village residents on behalf of the Parish Council
  2. Regular meetings with all members to discuss website development and issues
  3. Generation of website rules & policies
  4. Presenting proposals of significant website changes to the Parish Council and obtaining approval

Website Content Editors

  • Wayne Bishop
  • Pete Burrows
  • Tim Smith
  • John Willioughby

Responsibilities are:

  1. Publishing general local news & events submitted by the public which is not related to a specific village group (all editors)
  2. Comment moderation on The Village Wall (all editors)
  3. Updating & maintaining The Corner Shop (Wayne Bishop)
  4. Creating & updating About pages for all groups & organisations plus Parish Council & Village Trust (Wayne Bishop)

Contact the editors via

Website Maintenance

  • Wayne Bishop

Contact the administrator via