Neighbourhood Plan

The North Luffenham Neighbourhood Plan has now passed its Inspection stage, and will be put to the parishioners for a referendum.

A referendum is to be held on Thursday, 19th October 2023 to decide on
the question below:
‘Do you want Rutland County Council to use the neighbourhood plan for the
Parish of North Luffenham to help it decide planning applications in the
neighbourhood area?’

Rutland County Council Cabinet approved on the 7th March for the Submitted North Luffenham Neighbourhood Plan to go forward for a formal consultation on the Submitted Version. The consultation was from Friday 17 March until 5pm on Friday 28 April 2023. Please click on the link below for details.

Neighbourhood Plan news & update

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan was developed by North Luffenham Parish Council. The next stage of the process was a formal, six week, consultation on the draft plan.

The consultation period ran from 23rd August to 4th October 2022

This was the opportunity for villagers and other stakeholders to comment on the overall plan, and specifically on the planning policies included in the plan.

All villagers received the official notification of Regulation 14 consultation (a downloadable copy is below)

Notification of Formal Consultation

The full Neighbourhood Plan document is available here:

Neighbourhood Plan | North Luffenham

The list of Planning Policies included in the plan above is here:

North Luffenham Neighbourhood Draft Plan Planning Policies

The Online form to complete your response is available via the link below:

NLPC Regulation 14 Comments Form

The Supplementary documents for the Plan can be accessed via the links in the Plan document or the links below:

Supporting Document No.1: Local Green Space LGS Full Designation

Supporting Document No.2: Access for All

Supporting Document No.3: Swifts

North Luffenham Design Codes

North Luffenham Parish Masterplanning

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