Oval Recreation Ground Rules

The Oval, at the centre of North Luffenham, is a great space for the enjoyment of all.

The Oval is a registered village green which is owned and maintained by the Parish Council as charity trustee on behalf of the village.

There are Oval Regulations concerning the use of the Oval and these are necessarily written in legalistic language.

At a first glance these may seem restrictive but there are laws and provisions that apply to village greens in general and the Oval in particular, and the Regulations reflect these. Basically they are saying: ‘Please treat the property and other people using the property with respect’.

There are residences surrounding the Oval and the same should be applied to them, particularly to noise later on in an evening.

The Parish Council from time to time organises events on the Oval but various villagers, groups and societies may want to hold events and permission should be obtained from the Parish Council. This not only legitimises the event, and this is important for public liability issues, but it also prevents two events “clashing” on the same day. Additionally advice can also be given on, for example, the playing of music or use of barbecues.

If you would like to hold an event on the Oval, or if you are planning to do anything there which requires Parish Council consent under the Regulations, please complete the Oval Use Application Form and submit it to the Parish Clerk either in hard copy or via email to clerk@northluffenham.org.uk.

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