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Donation of Used Ink Cartridges

Collection of used ink cartridges
A big thank you to all have donated so far.
The first full box is being sent off for recycling and a donation will go to support a Rutland and Leicestershire charity (Emmaus) that supports the homeless.
A new box is in the church porch.
Please keep on donating used ink print cartridges

Donating Used Cartridges for Charity.

A box as shown has been put in the church porch.

Please donate your used printer ink cartridges . The used cartridges will be recycled and money collected will go to support EMMAUS – a Rutland and Leicestershire charity supporting homeless people. 

When the box is full , it will be sent off and another returned for use.

 Many thanks in anticipation of your donations.

River Chater footpath bridge replacement

The replacement foot bridge over the River Chater on the footpath from the Church to Glebe Road is ready to be installed. Heavy equipment is required to get it into place and unfortunately with the recent storms the ground is too wet.

Rutland County Council has contacted that the contracter hopes to be able to install the bridge in about three weeks. However this is dependent on the ground being able to take the equipment and the agreement of the landowners.

Let’s hope for a dry(ish) spell!

Damage to The Oval from quad bikes

On Sunday the 31st two quad bikes were seen on The Oval. Permission to use a quad bike on council land, parks and private land requires permission of the council or the owner: no such permission has been given by NLPC, as trustee, for The Oval. Apart from being unlawful it is antisocial behaviour, particularly as it was near the children’s play area.

Unless a quad bike is registered and have front and rear number plates it cannot use a public road.

The incident has been reported to the police. If residents see this happening please contact the police: to speak to a member of the Rutland South designated neighbourhood team please call 101 or 01162 222222
In an emergency call 999.