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Community Centre Update

The Community Centre (CC) has been refurbished along with the kitchen being upgraded and it’s management has been undertaken by North Luffenham Parish Council. A Community Centre Committee has been formed and it aims to  provide a vibrant and  user friendly Community Centre that will be an attractive venue for the community in which to have meetings and events.

There are plans to enhance the facilities within the CC to give it a welcoming feel and enhanced IT which could be useful for meetings.

The CC can be booked for meetings;  please contact Charles Cade on 01780 720467

Under present restrictions all meetings have to follow the risk assessment for Covid  and agree to the conditions of hire.

Come Walking

Why not join a Benefice ramble on the following Monday mornings:

June 7th from Empingham church to Horn Mill and Loves Lane appr. 2.5 miles (climbing over ONE stile)

June 21st from Empingham church  to Mill Lane, Hereward Way and return on the Ketton Road (climbing  over ONE stile)

July 5th from Lyndon church walking towards Wing, then towards Manton and back to Lyndon (on public footpath and some minor roads)

July 19th from Lyndon church walking towards North Luffenham and return on the same road back to Lyndon church

All are welcome! Further walks will be arranged and volunteers to lead later expeditions would be most welcome.

 Any questions?  Please email: Liliane Coogan

Funding of The North and South Luffenham Bench Project.

North and South Luffenham Parish Council would like to thank those who have pledged monies for the benches. Enough has so far been raised to fund two of the four benches. If you wish to support this project please contact the North Luffenham Parish Clerk at

North and South Luffenham Bench Project

A proposal was put forward by a resident of South Luffenham for benches at intervals on the walk from South Luffenham, around North Luffenham and The Settings. For those less able it would give the opportunity to have a rest, enjoy the views and the exercise would be beneficial to their health and well being. North Luffenham Parish Council (NLPC) felt that this was a good idea as it would also be of benefit to residents of North Luffenham as well. In a joint venture with South Luffenham Parish Council (SLPC) NLPC has resolved to enable this proposal.

Below is a picture of the type of bench chosen. A map of the sites for the benches can be downloaded. NLPC is appealing for funds for the purchase of the benches and their secure placements. SLPC will also be appealing to their residents. If you would like to donate please contact the clerk:

The bench is made of recycled plastic

Licencing of the Reverend Jes Salt

Rutland Water Benefice welcomes Jes and Jane Salt.
Please click on the link below and look on page 2 of the News to find out how to join either his licencing as Associate Priest by the Bishop on Zoom or his first service here, in Empingham at 5pm. There is also information on Benefice Rambles on Monday 10th and 24th May.

Wildflower Area on The Oval: help needed.

Site for wildflowers

There have been requests from residents to have areas of wildflowers established. The photograph show a triangular area, at the lower part of The Oval by Church St., bounded by the walls and the line of trees.

Wildflower seeds have been bought by the parish council and if you would like to help establish the wildflowers please come along on Tues next week (27th) at 5pm  – and to bring along a garden rake if you have one – when the area will be raked and the seeds sown.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting (APM) will be held on the 19th April at 7.30pm. Because of the restrictions this will have to be a virtual meeting by Zoom. The link for the meeting is:

Meeting ID: 912 6757 5090

Passcode: 738000

The APM is an opportunity for parishioners to have their say on the activities of the parish council and make suggestions of future projects that could be undertaken. There will be an online presentation of our activities following which parishioners will be invited to give their comments, so please do come along. However if you are unable to attend your comments are most welcome. Please email them to

For a variety of reasons not everybody will be able to join in the meeting and a Newsletter is being circulated summarising the activities of the Parish Council over the past year: please click to download

Bored with the televison? There is something more interesting to watch: how does HIF affect you personally?

HIF: you need to know about Housing Infrastructure Fund – because if voted through at the special Rutland Council Meeting 22nd March at 7pm the St. George’s Barracks development of 2,215 houses is much more likley to go ahead and it has significant fianancial risks to the county. If defeated the devlopment as planned cannot proceed.

A North Luffenham parish councillor and resident will ask searching questions concerning the risks if the HIF is approved. You can support them by attending the meeting on Zoom: As a member of the public you cannot speak but the councillors will be aware of the presence of the public and this will impress on them at what is a stake.

Please click on this link to have an understanding of the issues:

Remember these at St. George’s Barracks

They have gone.

At a Rutland County Council Planning Meeting on the 15th December representations objecting to the retrospective planning application for the lorries to remain were made by residents and parish councillors from North Luffenham and Edith Weston along with our ward councillors. The application was rejected unaminously with the result that the site could no longer be used as a lorry park resulting in less heavy lorries on the surrounding roads.

It is heartening that the hard work that went into our valid objections to this application were heeded.

View presentation of Future Health Care Rutland

The presentation by Cllr Alan Walters, who is a Rutland County Councillor and has a responsiblity for health commissioning and public health, gave a talk on the future of health care in Rutland to North and South Luffenham on Tuesday 2nd February and his presentation is available to download:

Cllr Walters would welcome your comments and he can be emailed:

Many thanks to all those who attended the talk and discussion on Tuesday.

Reminder: Future Health Care Rutland

Tonight; 7 pm. Join by clicking on this link:

Meeting ID 997 0052 4593. Passcode 103006

Cllr Alan Walters, who is a Rutland County Councillor and has a responsiblity for health commissioning and public health, will inform on the future of health care in Rutland and is keen to hear your views. There are planned major changes to the hospital services in Leicester, and this will affect Rutland, but there will also be developments to GP services in Rutland.