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Still time to complete the Neighbourhood Plan Survey

Many thanks to everybody who has completed a Neighbourhood Plan Survey. The Survey will end on the 19th September and so there is still time to do one online at

If you rather fill in the paper copy please drop this in at The Fox.

Technical Problem

Unfortunately there is a problem with completing the Neighbourhood Plan Survey online. Our IT experts are trying to resolve the issue and there will be a post when the problem has been resolved.

Many apologies for the glitch and thanks to all those who have already completed the survey and if you haven’t please do find the time when it is fixed.

Empingham Surgery Collections

Now that the most severe restrictions have been lifted, Empingham Surgery are no longer running their formal prescription collection scheme for the village.  They are recommending that patients return to the method of collection previously used (in person, family, etc.)

If you do need assistance please contact the Good Neighbours Scheme on 07825 697841 or the email address below 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who volunteered to assist when the pandemic moved us into lockdown.  It’s nice to know that there are so many people ready & willing to help their neighbours. 

The Good Neighbours Scheme is still running as usual with a small group of people manning the phone line and a larger group helping out with any requests.  If you’d like to learn more or get involved with the activities we undertake please email or call the number above. 

Claire Bewick. Chair North Luffenham Good Neighbour Scheme

Update on donations for Rutland Foodbank

On behalf of the Rutland Foodbank I’m pleased to say thank you to everyone involved in the Community Collections Scheme. No-one could have predicated the situation we find ourselves in and the impact upon our local communities. Already this financial year the Foodbank has helped over 550 people in food poverty. The number of referrals is rising and we anticipate an increase in the rate of referrals as furlough ends and sadly firms need to make redundancies. 

Your extremely generous donations were so well timed that we now have healthy stocks in the warehouse of certain items but there are a few products that we will always need regularly. I wonder if I might take this opportunity to refocus the current shortages and ask that you consider asking your community to pop these in the collection box. We really appreciate donations of the long-life sponge pudding packs and Smash-type potatoes. We have very good supplies of toiletries at the moment but do run short of disposable razors quite regularly. Unfortunately we cannot accept fresh or homemade food or food past the best before/use-by date. At the moment we are blessed with mountains of baked-beans, tinned soups, dried pasta and cereals so for the moment we would ask not to donate these until further notice.

Occasionally we run very short of an item so in that situation we put a shout-out on the Rutland Foodbank Facebook page (it’s accessible to browse even if you are not signed up for Facebook). If you need to contact the foodbank team directly please email on 

Rutland County Council Meeting re Local Plan Consultation

There will be a virtual meeting of ‘The Growth and Infrastructure and Resources Committee’ via Zoom on Thursday 11th June at 7 pm. The main item of interest is Agenda Item 8. Under discussion is the ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ and it is proposed to alter this so that it is mainly online. The obvious result is that people without access to, or are not familar with using IT, will not be fully informed or engaged.

A parish councillor of NLPC has submitted a deputation questioning how, in view of the proposed changes, residents can engage with consultations concerning the Local Plan, which has profound implications for the county and, in particular, North Luffenham.

Please follow this link to access the agenda, which has the proposals for the consultations on the Local Plan, and our parish councillor’s deputation:

To access the Zoom meeting:

Photos you need to see.

First we had these.
And now in addition.

A company that leases land from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation began parking articulated lorries at St Georges Barracks without the required planning permsission. A retrospective planning application was submitted to RCC and objected to on a number of grounds by North Luffenham Parish Council:

A multiple number of residents have objected to this application due to the increase of large vehicles causing noise, vibration and pollution. The retrospective planning application has not been decided on and yet, at the last count, 95 coaches, in addition to the lorries, were being parked on the site. At no stage has there been consultation with local communities.

You may wish to comment on the application by clicking on the above link.

Prescription Collections – Empingham Surgery

We are continuing to collect and deliver prescriptions from Empingham surgery to residents who require this. Once you have ordered your items please let us know when they are expected to be available, and any specific instructions such as collecting items from the fridge.  We will then schedule for the closest Wednesday or Friday pickup.  If you typically check the box on the back of the prescription to receive the same next time, please let us know that so we can indicate as such when we collect your prescription.

If you have a prescription from a GP after a consultation let us know so we can arrange collection of that too

Note that we have a collection time at the surgery between 4 and 5pm so depending on volume you may not receive your prescription delivery until close to 6pm.

Telephone 07825 697 841 or email

Please note that we are also still collecting from Uppingham surgery but the volume being collected is much lower and therefore we don’t have scheduled days although everything else remains the same.

Safety Issues

The reopening of the Household Waste and Recycling Centre on Tuesday 19th May will possibly result in a considerable increase in traffic. The way the route to and from the site has been organised means that there will be more two way traffic through North Luffenham, Glebe Rd. to the Pilton Cross Rd.. The return route from Morcott is through South Luffenham, North Luffenham Rd., The Settings and Glebe Rd..

These lanes are popular with walkers, often in family groups, and cyclists so please take extra care or try other lanes to walk and cycle.

North Luffenham Parish Council suggested an alternative route that would have substantially reduced this two way traffic but this was not accepted.

Annual Parish Meeting Newsletter

Because of the current situation the Annual Parish Meeting could not take place nor could the usual distribution of the newsletter. Please click on the link below for the newsletter. This contains important information on the Local Plan and a questionnaire will be posted on this website to seek the views of residents. There are other significant issue for the parish so please download and read.

Food Bank Vouchers

If you need help from the Rutland Food Bank, the quickest way to reach them is by telephone – the team will put you in touch with someone who can give you a voucher:

tel:07852 783363.

The Oakham distribution centre is open:

Monday, 1pm to 2.30pm

Friday, 10am to 11.30am

If you need help in accessing the Food Bank please contact the North Luffenham Good Neighbour Scheme 07825 697841 or

Food Bank Donations

There have been enquires from residents about donating to the Rutland Food Bank. There has been a big increase in requests for help and donations are welcome.

If you would like to donate then donations can be left in a receptacle that will be inside the Telephone Box in Church St.. A resident in the village works at the Food Bank and will deliver them to their premises.

Some items are always in demand but others vary over time and these will be updated. The list below indicate the donations that are most useful.

The foodbank always runs low on the following items:

  • Sponge puddings
  • Tins of potatoes
  • Tins of carrots
  • Cereal Bars
  • Packets of Sugar

Running low at present:

  • Deodorants
  • Washing up liquid
  • Toothpaste for children
  • UHT milk
  • Tins of tomatoes

Happy Easter

 A Very Happy Easter,
with hope for everyone to keep their neighbours safe & well.

Small chocolate eggs can be had for the taking beside the cross which is
situated near the zebra crossing.

All eggs in foil which is untouched by human hand, sanitised & can be
easily picked up by its own cocktail stick!

Thanks from the Parish Church to Colin Heasell for some of the wood, to
John Dyckhoff for making the cross & to Lilliane Coogan for some of the
fabric flowers.

Empingham Surgery: Prescription Collection Update

We now have a twice weekly prescription collection scheduled with Empingham Medical Centre. We will collect from them after 4pm on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 

The surgery have requested that any repeat prescriptions are notified 1 week in advance and not 72 hours as has previously been the case (You do not need to do this if your repeat prescription is automatically renewed each month).  This is to enable them to provide the key service that we all need so please help them by adhering to this.

If you let the good neighbours scheme know when you have submitted your prescription we can collect for you during the Wednesday or Friday afternoon pick-up. Email or call 07825 697841. Please leave your name as the surgery knows it, address, telephone number, whether you are exempt from charges or have a prepayment certificate, and your date of birth (requested by the surgery to make it quicker for them to process).

If you have an emergency prescription this can be collected any day by contacting us as above.

Thank you 

Medicines Collection: Important Information


Prescription medication can be collected for you from Empingham Medical Practice, Uppingham Surgery, Market Overton Surgery or Somerby Surgery.

North Luffenham Good Neighbours Scheme is coordinating the scheme for residents of North Luffenham.

If you need medicines to be collected please 


Call 07825 697 841

We’ll need to know your full name, first line of your address, date of required collection, frequency of collection (e.g. 4 weekly, monthly) and whether you are exempt from charges or have a prepayment certificate (see below)

Please let us know as early as possible as we’re aiming to arrange a bulk collection once a week.

Most prescriptions will be exempt from charges or pre-paid. If not you will need to buy a pre-payment certificate

You may be isolated, but you are not alone.