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General news & information from the surrounding area.

Airfield Out Of Bounds Areas 9 – 27 August 2021

The stretch of road running adjacent to the Golf Course will be Out Of Bounds to all between the stated dates.

Under no circumstances are personnel to encroach into this area.

(Apologies for the late posting of this notice from the M.o.D St. George’s Barracks but it wasn’t received until yesterday)

NLPC General and Trust Meetings 16th August 2021

Please see below the agenda and papers for the meetings.

Thank You

North Luffenham Knit and Natter would like to thank all who attended the Breast Cancer Now event. £483.60 was raised for the charity.

There were some unclaimed raffle prizes and please contact Liliane Coogan on 01780 721047 if these were one of yours.

orange rim:         483

cream                   285

cream                   304

cream                   334

cream                   398

Foodbank Collection

Please note that as from this week, the foodbank collection will return to the church now that it is  open daily. 

 No box will be left in the telephone box. Two boxes are located in the church porch and will be  available to fill 9am-5pm every day.  

 The foodbank team will collect the boxes fortnightly and return empty boxes in their place. Please do continue to support the local charity. 

Many thanks on behalf of Rutland Foodbank

Woodland Walk

NLPC approved the extension of the walk so that it came out at the top of Pinfold Land near the junction with the Edith Weston Rd. some time ago. Unfrotunately there have been delays in getting a contractor to do the required fencing.

Walkers are kindly requested to keep to the present walkway and not walk across the top of the field that is close to Geoff Sewell Close and the Edith Weston Rd..

Men (and Women) in Sheds Oakham

Villagers in North Luffenham may be interested in the “Men in Sheds” Oakham project. This is a fully equipped workshop, located at Oakham Enterprise Park, available to the over 50’s who would like to use and share practical skills, tools and resources to work on projects of their own choosing.

East Midlands Today featured the project during one of their local news programmes, click on the link below to view the news report

More details on the workshop, and how to take part are on the website, Men in Sheds | Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland and in the attached poster

North and South Luffenham Bench Project

Many thanks for everybody who has donated to the project. The benches have now been ordered and a contractor has given an estimate for their siting. To complete the funding of the project probably another £600 needs to be raised.

If you would like to donate then please contact the NLPC Clerk:

Possible harmful substance found on The Oval

On Wednesday 14th school children found a plastic bag containing white cubes. There was also white powder on the ground among a number of discarded alcohol bottles. Please warn children not to pick up items on The Oval.

The Parish Council is responsible for The Oval and will check to see there is nothing of potential harm lying about.

Rutland South Crime report for June 2021

1st  – Lyndon nature reserve – 16.20 –  unknown person/s have smashed the rear window and stolen items listed. (Perpetrators may have been watching items being placed into boot area)

3rd – Tinwell  – Burglary – whilst owner on holiday someone has gained entry gained via smashing side door window. Nothing stolen

3rd – Caldecott – Theft attempt to gain entry to an empty church donation box.

3rd  – Ridlington  – theft of tools  – suspect to be interviewed .

5th –  Lyndon – 14.20  Rutland water vehicle parked up has window smashed and items stolen. (Please remove items prior to arriving as perpetrator may be watching you).

7th – Bisbrooke – theft of items from driveway. (If you leave it on show it will go)

10th – Ketton – 23:02  – Owner wakes up after hearing her car windows being smashed and car driving off.

14th – Stoke Dry – person dealt with for possession of cannabis.

15th Empingham – assault

22nd – Banking protocol on elderly victim after receiving a phone call – (attempt)

26th  – Ketton  – Theft of land rover defender from driveway

26th – Ridlington – Overnight – Theft of Landrover defender doors that was parked at rear of property. 

As part of our ongoing drive to reduce demand did you know that you can report a “NONE EMERGENCY” crime and find lots of useful information on our new improved web site.

Anyone for Circuit Training or Tai Chi?

We are thinking of setting up a weekly circuit training class and weekly Tai Chi sessions in South Luffenham Village Hall. Please send an email to if you are interested in coming along so we can gauge if the classes would be viable.

Want to start a new club or group of your own?

South Luffenham Village Hall can offer complimentary hire to help get your group or club off the ground to a flying start. For details email