Your Village Needs You!

Live in North Luffenham?  You could be a Parish Councillor.

There is a Rutland wide campaign going on to get a greater diversity of people joining the local Parish Councils. That means the Parish Councils across the County need new people who live in the villages to bring new talents, fresh ideas, enthusiasm, support and debate. And it’s open to anyone who is on the electoral roll and has lived in the village for over 12 months to apply. You don’t need any special qualifications or skills as it takes all kinds of people to become a Parish Councillor and make a difference in the community.

We all have a unique range of life experiences and skills and whether your interests are in more activities for young people, ensuring local groups thrive, improving village public areas or improving services generally, you could be just the person to make that difference.

What would I have to do? Give your time at seven meetings a year, contribute to the discussion, and get involved in committee work which could cover any of a massive range of issues  including anything from planting trees to helping Planning Permissions, decisions on village land, speed limits, allocation of funding and generally helping debate and set priorities. And a whole lot more. Yours will be a Voice on the Council to make things happen.

How do I apply?

 Parish Council elections will be held in May 2015 when there will be an opportunity to apply for a seat on the Parish Council. So register an interest with Ian Ferguson, Parish Clerk on 01780 720793. Alternatively, if you want an informal chat with an existing Parish Councillor then Ian can provide a list with contact details.


Make a DIFFERENCE to the quality of life for people in our Village.


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