Air Rifle Sport comes to North Luffenham – this Sunday.

The UKAHFT English Open is being hosted by local shooting club Misfits HFTC at North Luffenham tomorrow morning.

Hunter field target (HFT) is a target shooting sport derived from the air gun disciplines of field target shooting and hunting. Primarily an outdoor sport, shot with UK legal air rifles, a typical HFT course is made up of 30 lanes, with each lane comprising of a peg and a metal “knock down” target placed in a position to simulate a hunting scenario. The peg marks the shooting spot and the shooter must touch the peg with part of his or her body or gun for the shot to count.

90 entrants from across the country will compete against each other on this new challenging course, which comprises of 30 targets ranging from 8 yds to 45yds distance, in a rural setting.

Misfits HFTC were unable to use their usual venue near Brigstick, Corby and so were offered the use of Station field, just above the Linecross car park.

The competition is due to run from approximately 10am to 1pm. Spectators are welcome in the specially marked areas.

More information can be found here about the UKAHFT

and Misfits HFTC

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