Partial Flyover of International Space Station Tonight – Tues 6th Aug 2013

ISS Component Modules

A bit late notice, but the weather is looking good to observe the partial flyover of the ISS this evening starting at 11pm, on the horizon from the direction of Uppingham.

The ISS will move in an easterly direction towards Easton on the Hill, but will fade away after about 5 minutes, shortly after reaching its maximum height in the sky, when it will be eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow.

Pass beginning

Date/time: 8/6 23:00:20
Azimuth: 245.09° (WSW)
Elevation (altitude): 0.14°
Magnitude: 1.4
Distance to satellite: 2349.3 km
In Earth’s shadow (eclipsed): NO

Maximum altitude

Date/time: 8/6 23:05:40
Azimuth: 165.60° (S)
Elevation (altitude): 53.28°
Magnitude: -1.9
Distance to satellite: 520.4 km
In Earth’s shadow (eclipsed): NO

Pass ending

Date/time: 8/6 23:11:0
Azimuth: 81.56° (E)
Elevation (altitude): 0.44°
Magnitude: –
Distance to satellite: 2311.7 km
In Earth’s shadow (eclipsed): YES

Good visible pass

Data courtesy of Real Time Satellite Tracking

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