Santa Spotted Today in Church Street!

Santa in Church St

Photo via Sallyanne Marsons, Cricket Club

Perhaps Santa has lost his sleigh and is waiting to hitch a ride on the International Space Station which passes over shortly, start looking towards Morcott at 5:08pm and you might see him:

Pass beginning

Date/time: 12/17 17:08:45
Azimuth: 239.66° (SW)
Elevation (altitude): 0.02°
Magnitude: 1.4
Distance to satellite: 2365.7 km
In Earth’s shadow (eclipsed): NO

Maximum altitude

Date/time: 12/17 17:14:10
Azimuth: 156.65° (SSE)
Elevation (altitude): 51.27°
Magnitude: -1.9
Distance to satellite: 534.7 km
In Earth’s shadow (eclipsed): NO

Pass ending

Date/time: 12/17 17:19:25
Azimuth: 77.18° (E)
Elevation (altitude): 0.59°
Magnitude: –
Distance to satellite: 2301.3 km
In Earth’s shadow (eclipsed): YES

Data from Real Time Satellite Tracking

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