North Luffenham Camera Club

The meeting on September 16th was well attended and we all enjoyed a very informative talk, given by Robin Stewart, lecturer, caterer and photographer.  Robin showed slides  of how methods of depicting Food has evolved over the ages, in Paintings and Photography.

His photos,with his own preparations to be used in promotions and magazines, were accompanied by descriptions of the use of backgrounds, lighting, lenses etc.  There was very little use of post production enhancement, preferring to use histograms and computer screens to adjust settings.
 Robin ended by giving  us a demo of how he would set up and photograph a composition, using some delicious cupcakes made by a member of the Club.

I expect that everyone has taken away some ideas for a much more informed way of  looking at and setting up compositions. So – Food  will be the theme for the next meeting’s Photo Display on November 18th.

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