Actions to save a life

In the next few days the following information will be delivered on a leaflet to each household in the village along with a ‘fridge magnet’.

“We hope that it never happens to us but suddenly a person collapses and perhaps you are the only one there. How to get help?

Actions to save a life:

  • In an emergency always call 999 first.
  • Read this letter.
  • Programme numbers into mobile.
  • Programme numbers into home phone.
  • Put magnet onto the fridge.
  • North Luffenham has a defibrillator sited at the ‘The Fox’ but if you are on your own you cannot leave the person who has collapsed to go and get it.

The village has a Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS) and if you dial

01780 322070

one of the volunteers, who has had training in the use of the defibrillator, will be contacted quickly and bring the defibrillator to you.

When you dial 01780 322070 you will hear the following message:

“Welcome to VETS. In a moment you will be connected to one of the village helpers. Please state clearly the assistance you require.”

Enclosed is a ‘fridge magnet’ with the VETS number.”

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