November meeting – Trekking to Annapurna

A Camera Club member, Sue Churchill showed stunning photographs of her trip to Nepal.  Starting from Pokhara, the group, which included two porters and a guide, trekked the Annapurna Sanctuary Trail.  Making their way over narrow pathways and steps, avoiding donkey trains and  water buffalo, they  crossed some extremely long and narrow hanging bridges over the valleys. The photos of  colourful villages and lodges gave us a unique insight into the lives of the friendly local people.

Sue set up her tripod in places which even the guide indicated were tricky but  came up with magical views, including  the mountains at sunset.


Coping with equipment and clothing, in temperatures ranging from below zero at night and in the 20s during the daytime,  takes a tremendous amount of stamina and determination.   Sue obviously enjoys all this and we look forward to her next trip!  This evening, I’m sure started us thinking of our next holiday locations.            Thank you Sue!


Simon Lee took several Club members for his Introduction to Lightroom. This programme  seems to be  a less complicated way of editing our Photos, than Photoshop.   During the three hours, which went so quickly, we were able to  straighten horizons, bring in filter effects, remove dustspots, create vignettes and even smooth out Mode,ls skin tones!      And so much more…..  We will enjoy exploring this further.



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