Security advice at Christmas

The following security advice has come from our local Police Officer


Dear all,


Please, on the run up to Christmas make sure that you are security conscious. Please follow the following advice to make sure you have a Happy Christmas and a crime free one at that.


Most burglaries are carried out on the spur of the moment by opportunist thieves- they may see an open window or an easy entry point and take their chance.


Hiding spare keys outside your home is an open invitation to thieves. Avoid leaving keys in an obvious place near doors and windows.


When you go out, make sure you lock the doors and close your windows, even if you are going out for a short time.


Visible burglar alarms and security Lights are good deterrents to potential thieves.


Expensive items such as jewellery are attractive to thieves especially if they are on view from the outside. Try to ensure that valuable items cannot be seen through windows. When buying new items like X boxes, tablets, DVD players or blu rays, don’t leave the empty boxes on display near your bins.


Post coding your property can deter burglars because it makes it harder for thieves to sell. The police have a much better chance of returning property to its rightful owner following a burglary if it is marked.


Make a list of all valuable items and keep it somewhere. Take pictures of all valuable items like jewellery and silverware and write down the serial numbers of your TV, video, hi-fi, home computer and camera equipment to help the police identify them should they be stolen and recovered.


Taking steps to increase security of your home will reduce the chances of being burgled, but should you return home and notice signs of a break in, don’t go in or call out- there is a possibility the intruder may still be inside. Go to a neighbour’s house to call the police or use your mobile.


Have a great Christmas and New Year.




Pc 1146 Paul Le Pla

Rutland Police



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