Speeding in North Luffenham

One of the recurring topics highlighted to the Parish Council is the issue of vehicles speeding in the village environs.

The Parish Council is working on this problem in several ways:

  • Requesting Rutland County Council to reduce the speed limit on Edith Weston road from 40 mph to 30 mph
  • Considering the Installation of warning speed signs similar to those used in Edith Weston & South Luffenham (potentially with the facility to count the number of vehicles exceeding the limit)
  • Requesting Rutland County Council to reduce the speed limit on Station Road from 60mph to 40 mph

These activities are dependent on factors such as agreement from Rutland County Council, and funding.

One “self help” action the village could undertake without any dependency on other organisations would be to set up a Community Speed Watch organisation.

This would enable members of the village population to be trained in the use of a speed gun, and the loan of a calibrated speed gun for a specific period of time.

The idea is that the trained village volunteers can use the speed gun to check the speeds of vehicles within the village over a period of time, and report details of vehicles found to be over the relevant limit to the Police. The Police will then potentially send letters to the drivers of the vehicles warning them that they were observed exceeding the speed limit.

In order to start a scheme such as this, proof is needed that at least 20% of the village population support the suggestion for the scheme, and between 6 and 16 people are willing to actively participate in the vehicle checks. 20% of the North Luffenham population would be 130 people.

I would like to gauge the level of interest in such a scheme for North Luffenham – as speeding is a recurring topic, I’m assuming people would be all for it 🙂

If you think its something worth pursuing, could you please email me at pete.burrows@northluffenham.com  – if it looks like we can hit the target of 130 people supporting a scheme, we can start the process of registering, gathering the formal interest documents from the people who are interested, and look to have the scheme implemented this year.

More information on the scheme can be found here:


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