Local Crime Report – February 2016


Below is the latest Rutland South beat Police report of crimes within the local area

4/1/16 – Theft of diesel from HGV – Empingham road, Tinwell

14/1/16 – Theft of diesel – Main street, Stoke Dry

18/1/16 – Theft of diesel and battery – Gretton road, Lyddington

18/1/16 – Theft from unattended motor vehicle – Aldgate, Ketton

19/1/16 – Burglary dwelling – Burnhams road, Ketton

20/1/16 – Burglary other than dwelling (shed) – Barrowden road, Ketton

25/1/16 – Assault – Weston road, Edith Weston (detected)

28/1/16 – Burglary other than dwelling (shed) Barrowden road, Ketton

29/1/16 – Burglary other than dwelling (shed) – Tixover

2/2/16 – Theft from unattended motor vehicle – Empingham road, Ketton

2/2/16 – Burglary other than dwelling (shed) – Church lane, Glaston

Our current Problem Solving Plans are tackling burglary related crime in Ketton and also hare coursing along the corridor villages along the A47.

There has been an increase in reports of hare coursing in the past 2 weeks around the Wing to Glaston area and the Barrowden to Seaton area.

We are carrying out high visibility patrols in all the above locations to target offenders & liaising with neighbouring forces. Currently there is a matrix warning sign on Luffenham road, Ketton warning motorists of police operations in the area.

As you can see from the above crime for the last month, there have been 4 shed breaks. Please review your home security and if you need any advice, please feel free to contact me.

Remember we currently sell padlock alarms for £8.50, which would be ideal for a shed.


Paul Le Pla

Rutland South neighbourhood police

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