Holiday Security

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Most burglaries occur when there is no-one home, so whether you are leaving the house for a few minutes, the day or a fortnight, remember to shut and lock all your windows and doors.

By now most of us are in a habit of making sure windows and doors are closed and locked on our vehicles and houses when we leave them, but in the excitement of going away, we can sometimes forget. If you have locks on your windows and a burglar alarm installed to your property it is important you use them.

It is advised you always try to make your home appear occupied. Here are some steps you can take to ensure this:

Get a friend, neighbour or relative to keep an eye on your house or flat. Even the smallest of jobs such as collecting post from the letterbox, sweeping up leaves, putting dustbins out and even mowing your lawn, can make it seem as though someone is home.
Cancel deliveries of milk and newspapers while you are away, as a clutter of these around your front door, becomes a clear sign that nobody is home.
Invest in some automatic time switches, which switch lights and radios on and off at set times.
Never leave blinds or curtains closed as this makes it obvious the property is empty during the day.


Paul Le Pla

Rutland Police

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