Rutland Footpaths Map

On the recent Village Survey, there were lots of comments on the popularity of walking, and the importance of access to the countryside to the residents of North Luffenham

For those that are not aware, Rutland County Council (RCC) have an online map showing all the footpaths and bridleways in the county

You can access the map here and zoom into the area you would like to view:

RCC Footpaths Map


3 thoughts on “Rutland Footpaths Map

  1. Di Wicikowski

    Thanks Pete this is really useful like Owen I had no idea this was available, perhaps it would be possible to add this to the welcome pack for people moving into the village ?
    regards Di

  2. Pete Burrows Post author

    Hi Olwen, Very good point, we are working on the mechanism for inputting the thoughts, ideas and suggestions from the village to RCC – will let you know once we have something agreed

  3. Olwen Davies

    Thanks Pete, I have this OS map but had no idea this was available on line, with footpaths highlighted. The map shows there is real opportunity for a link up to green “Rutland round” by resurrecting the track opposite Butt Lane -> Wytchley Warren to give access to Macmillan Way and Rutland round. This would give a more continuous Rutland Round. What is the process for proposing this to RCC as part of the new development planning?




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