St George’s Barracks Development – Your View

As previously published, the Parish Council has created a Working Group, whose role will be to work with the Village to identify the key concerns relating to the proposed St George’s Barracks Development. The Group will advise the Parish Council and help to deliver research and feedback. The Group will provide a conduit to Rutland County Council and seek to influence the Project Board’s thinking. The PC Members of the Group are Paul Cummings, Tim Smith and Pete Burrows. Tim Collins has agreed to join the group as an advisor and lead on environmental matters.

To let us properly gauge opinion, it is proposed to hold a public meeting on 7th December at 7.30pm in the Village Church, to enable the Parish Council to understand concerns and aspirations regarding the development of the site. The meeting will also provide an opportunity to identify villagers willing to join the working group to assist in their work.

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