One thought on “Meeting of Parish Council Planning Committee: 24/01/2018

  1. Julie Gregg

    My partner and I fully support the application 2018/0006/CAT. We have been living at 29 Ancaster Way, North Luffenham for over 3 years and during that time have had huge problems with the Scots Pines overlooking our property.
    The pine needles are shed during the whole year in vast quantities and have to be cleared on a very regular basis as they do not break down very easily. The pine cones are dangerous when they fall and have nearly struck us and our friends on a number of occasions.
    Pine pitch leaves permanent white marks on slabs and ruined a newly laid patio within a week – plus it can only be removed from clothes and skin with an acetone lotion.
    The trees are very frightening in high wind as they are top heavy and so very close to our property.
    We have recently had four of the pines removed under a separate application to help alleviate the above problems.
    Therefore we fully understand the reasons for this application and personally will feel a lot safer should it be approved.


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