St George’s Barracks – Scale of Development

The Chairs of North Luffenham and Edith Weston Parish Councils have written to RCC on behalf of our respective communities to express our concern at the proposed scale of the development of St George’s Barracks (1,500 – 3,000 new homes). We commented that the proposal to build a new town, the size of Uppingham, in an area which has hitherto been predominantly rural in nature, had created near unanimous opposition to what is being proposed. We indicated that there is strong support in the local area for a development of no more than 500 houses phased over an extended period. The letter has been released to Local press and a number of radio interviews have been arranged. A copy of our letter is attached:

Development of St George’s Barracks – Mar 18

One thought on “St George’s Barracks – Scale of Development

  1. Martin Shewry

    Thank you for your interesting post. When the figure of 2,500 houses is mentioned, it’s difficult to envisage. But if you want to see a nearby example, it’s at Peterborough: the Stanground housing development is heading towards that number (for a reference, see: at 1,600++. It’s certainly nothing like a ‘village’ in character or size, with ongoing building and endless rows of houses.


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