Rutland County Show

Please click on the link below on how you can give bottles or donationation for the Rutland County Show. Bottles can be delivered to The Fox.

For Rutland raises funds to pay for Specialist Advisers based
at Citizens Advice Rutland who provide free, confidential, nonmedical advice to people of all ages living with long term health
conditions, such as cancer, dementia, strokes and mental
illness. Since the project began in June 2014 our Specialist
Advisers have managed to secure in excess of £3.75 million
for clients through benefit gain, debt write off and grant
For Rutland raises the funds to pay for the Advisers and the
Advisers through their knowledge and expertise can help their
clients in this phenomenal way. We feel this proves the
importance of this service and why it is so vital to maintain it for
our Community.
For more information or help on the For Rutland Specialist
Advisers contact: – Citizens Advice Rutland – 01572 723494
To find out more about For Rutland and how you can help
Contact: -Elizabeth Mills 07710 873811
Trish Ruddle 01572 724400 or 07801 319222

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