Dog Fouling On The Increase Again!

With the dark mornings and evenings there appears to be a rash of dog fouling on the pavements along Church Street. Please be a responsible dog owner and clear up after your pet. If walking your dog in the dark please keep your dog on a lead and carry a torch – always carry bags and ensure that any mess is cleared up immediately.

Perhaps better known as dog roundworm the embryonated eggs of which can be ingested by humans causing disease called toxocariasis. Young children are particularly at risk as it is picked up by ingestion of eggs from infected dog faeces. It is fortunately rare but rare things do happen. Dog mess is not only unpleasant but a potential source of an unpleasant infection.

The vast majority of dog owners conscientiously clean up after their dogs and please continue to be vigilant when walking your dog. If users of The Oval see an infringement please continue to challenge and point out that there are bins provided.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Dog Fouling On The Increase Again!

  1. Lorna Vibert

    Also on the woodland walk. Need bigger and better signage there…Imagine when there’s a new town….

  2. Natalie

    I picked up 6 lots of mess yesterday, not my dogs ! … I have countless photos of the evidence, one pile was right next to the play area in the oval. It continues to be a massive problem, total lack of respect.. the bags and posters we have put around the village as a desperate attempt to voice our disgust and many others is there for all to see and use. Everyone has a torch/ phone, and should be watching when their dog fouls ! People that do not pick up shouldn’t own dogs. Simple. It’s a disgrace, a health hazard and sickening .


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