Use of field below the Primary School

I have received a request from the owner of the field below the primary school that walkers stay on the designated footpath that goes from the stone style in the Church graveyard to the metal bridge crossing at the bottom of the field. Could residents please not enter the field by the gate or fence at the corner of Glebe Road. Thank you

3 thoughts on “Use of field below the Primary School

  1. Mrs Lorna Vibert

    … Also if we are now restricted to the boundaries of the footpath, will the new owner maintain it so that it is passable? Currently it is so slippery in places that it’s impossible to adhere strictly to it for it’s entire length

  2. Lorna Vibert

    Barbed wire is a bit drastic though. There are now 1.5 places dogs can go off lead in the village; the oval and the woodland walk when there are no sheep next door. So much for living in the country and access to the countryside

  3. Peter King

    Please also be aware that when walking on a designated footpath with a dog, the dog should be in CLOSE control. Straying from the path can be considered as trespass by the land owner.


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