Covid-19 RCC Newsletter 4

Dear resident,

It is now official, there has been a recorded case of Coronavirus in a Rutland resident.  We in Rutland are not immune from this disease so I would urge you to take self-isolation and social distancing seriously.    This means restricting visiting a shop to not more than once a week, having shopping delivered if possible, using your village’s prescription collection service to reduce the numbers going to the surgeries and pharmacies, and staying indoors.  Some people have to go out to work, of course, and we are all allowed out for daily exercise but one session of daily exercise is just that.  It’s not a bike ride/jog in the morning and a walk with the family or dog in the afternoon; it is one or the other and walking your dog is your daily exercise as well as the dog’s!  It has been reported that young people have been seen playing football on our village open spaces.  This is not acceptable because it is impossible to play football and maintain the 2 meter social distance required by Government and it is enabling cross family mixing, again not recommended.  Don’t let your children and grandchildren out to play with other families till all this is over and if you see any football or other games going on, feel free to challenge the players.  The latest modelling suggests the death toll in the UK from Covid-19 will be lower that first feared, largely because of the success of self-isolation and social distancing but we all need to keep it up.  Look after yourself and if you need to contact me, or just want a chat, the details are below.

Gale Waller

County Councillor, Normanton Ward 01780 722169

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