RCC Road Closure Notice: TRO-20-143 North Luffenham Road, Morcott

Please see the attached road closure notice concerning North Luffenham Road Morcott.

The closure and one-way system are scheduled to be in place for 365 days. The closure and oneway system shall come into force when the appropriate signs and diversion route are erected on site.
The duration of the Closure and One-way System shall be as follows: from 19th November 2020 to the completion of the new Waste site entrance.

Following queries raised by residents, I wrote to RCC today for clarification of several points. The response I received is as follows:

As specified in the original email, the new TTRO is a continuation of the one-way system that was originally in place.

The previous TTRO for the closure and one-way system had a time period of 6 months, as that runs out on the 18th November this new TTRO has had to be issued.

There will be no changes to the signs and restrictions that have been in place for the previous 6 months, and as far as I am aware the tip will continue to operate as it has done since its re-opening.



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  1. Mrs Lorna Vibert

    “map” as usual clear as mud … What do the symbols even mean? A proper map and legend would be so much better!


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