Please join us: we need your help and your involvement!

Why? The Neighbourhood Plan Survey asked questions about what was good and not so good about the parish and how you wanted it to look and develop in the next ten years.
The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would like to present the results of that survey and explain the purpose of the Plan. The impact of the plan will be wide ranging and just one of the aims is to protect the parish from adverse effects of the proposed development at St. George’s Barracks.

In particular your comments are needed as this Neighborhood Plan is for you, the residents of North Luffenham Parish.

Please join us for one of the following virtual meetings by Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 872 6352 3277 Passcode: 292804) 

Wednesday 25th November at 4pm.
Sunday 29th November at 5pm.
Monday 30th November at 7.30pm.

There will also be a poster display at The Fox on:

Tuesday 8th December (somebody will be on hand to answer your questions from 6pm)
Thursday 10th December (help on queries from 3pm)

We will take note of everything you have to say. Post it notes will also be available for your comments.(The social distancing guidelines in place at the time will be observed)

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