HGV Storage at St Georges Barracks – Planning Permission Refused

I’m sure the majority of North Luffenham residents will be delighted to hear that the retrospective planning application to allow the storage of up to 400 HGV trailers, lorries and coaches at St Georges Barracks was last night refused by RCC’s Planning Committee.

Many thanks to all of the local residents who provided input, wrote objections directly to RCC, and assisted with the Parish Council submission.

Particular thanks should go to Tim Collins for initially bringing this to the attention of the Parish Council, and for his very detailed analysis of the ecological impact of the activity. This was one of the key points for the refusal, along with the Councillors understanding of the impact of the HGV traffic on the roads and residents of North Luffenham and Edith Weston

4 thoughts on “HGV Storage at St Georges Barracks – Planning Permission Refused

  1. Tony and Valerie Smith

    Great news, one hopes the RCC are listening at last. Grateful thanks to Tim and NLPC for their input.
    Tony and Valerie Smith

  2. Paul Sibbering

    Thanks for all the brilliant work put in by Tim Collins and the PCC to get this result. Great to see that ‘right thinking’ is able to still overcome ‘might’.

  3. Nicky Hayes

    That is indeed excellent news! We fo not need any more lorries thundering along Edith Weston Road! Well done all concerned! Mrs Nicky Hayes

  4. John Cave

    Congratulations to you & Mr. Collins on a couple of very professional presentations…..by the end I could not see how anyone could approve the planning application. Does this mean they leave or is there any appeal process that can be invoked???


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