Rutland Covid Vaccination Update

Just to let you know we have now vaccinated 89.6% of the 2753 patients aged over 80. We have finished vaccinating residents of all 11 care homes.

An attempt to contact all the patients over 80 has been made, and there will be more calls made tomorrow. Where we cannot contact patients, we will try their next of kin if recorded in their records. We have not yet started vaccinating housebound patients but hope to do so after this week if we get a vaccine delivery. Any housebound patients who can be brought to the centre will be vaccinated this week (we can vaccinate 600 per day at eth vaccination centre, but only 20/day at home and the vaccine centre is better supported for potential reactions)

We have a larger delivery this week, and we are now able to start offering vaccine to the next cohort, 75-79 year olds. Again there are over 2000 people in this cohort, so they will not all be invited this week. Some patients who are aged 77-79 will receive an invitation to book. We have sufficient vaccine to start this process using the automated booking whilst we are also finishing the over 80 invitations by phone, and we are also offering vaccination to local frontline health and care staff who have contact with multiple older adults. I hope that the  simultaneous booking of 77-79 year old using a rapid process, whilst we also use a slower process to invite the remaining over 80s does not cause confusion, and any help you can give in allaying any concerns is much appreciated. We are making the best use of the vaccine that we receive – most is administered to patients within 48 hours of our receiving it, and we are using the extra doses in the vials whenever possible( all but one vial on Friday!)

Dr Hilary Fox

Clinical Director Rutland Health Primary Care Network

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