Planning Application 2021/0071/CAT 7 Digby Drive, North Luffenham

The Town & Country Planning (Tree Preservation) (England) Regulations 2012
PROPOSAL: T1 Lime Crown clean predominantly remove epicormic from the tree which
is now getting a little congested removing and crossing or rubbing branches. this will
allow for a climbing inspection to assess the overall heath of the tree. I till also improve
light levels for the neighboring property located beneath.
T2 Walnut , remove now touching not yet suppressing the adjacent trees no amenity
will be missed from the group and will enhance the Beech as a stand out future tree
allowing it to retain full form.
T3 Yew prune back into group as per red line on attached photo. This tree has grown
low over the vehicular access and is causing restrictions and conflict. I find that the
Yew will recover from this shaping and retain better form than a high crown lift to 5m.
T4 Acer SPP Statutory clearance crown lift to 2.5m/footpath and 5m/ highway.

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