Rutland South Crime report for June 2021

1st  – Lyndon nature reserve – 16.20 –  unknown person/s have smashed the rear window and stolen items listed. (Perpetrators may have been watching items being placed into boot area)

3rd – Tinwell  – Burglary – whilst owner on holiday someone has gained entry gained via smashing side door window. Nothing stolen

3rd – Caldecott – Theft attempt to gain entry to an empty church donation box.

3rd  – Ridlington  – theft of tools  – suspect to be interviewed .

5th –  Lyndon – 14.20  Rutland water vehicle parked up has window smashed and items stolen. (Please remove items prior to arriving as perpetrator may be watching you).

7th – Bisbrooke – theft of items from driveway. (If you leave it on show it will go)

10th – Ketton – 23:02  – Owner wakes up after hearing her car windows being smashed and car driving off.

14th – Stoke Dry – person dealt with for possession of cannabis.

15th Empingham – assault

22nd – Banking protocol on elderly victim after receiving a phone call – (attempt)

26th  – Ketton  – Theft of land rover defender from driveway

26th – Ridlington – Overnight – Theft of Landrover defender doors that was parked at rear of property. 

As part of our ongoing drive to reduce demand did you know that you can report a “NONE EMERGENCY” crime and find lots of useful information on our new improved web site.

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