Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 23rd August – 4th October

As you will be aware the North Luffenham Neighbourhood Plan Working Group of the Parish Council have been developing the Neighbourhood Plan document, Planning Policies and background evidence for the North Luffenham Neighbourhood Plan.

The Plan and Policies are now at the point where the residents of the Parish have the opportunity to review and comment on the draft (the official status is “Pre Submission”) plan.

You should have received details about the plan, and the consultation, via a leaflet drop.

The consultation period starts Tuesday 23rd August, and you can find the details of the consultation period, a downloadable copy of the draft plan, along with supporting documents on the Neighbourhood Plan page on the web site.

There is also a link to the online form for you to enter your views

This is your chance to provide feedback, and influence the plan. Once this consultation period completes, Rutland County Council will run a wider review, however this will be mainly around the legalities and background evidence for the plan – they will not comment on the actual planning policies in the plan, unless there are errors or unenforceable statements included in the text.

Please take this opportunity to provide your input. The Plan will be part of the decision making process for all planning applications submitted in North Luffenham Parish until 2036, and so it is very important that it accurately reflects the overall views of the residents.

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