Neighoubourhood Plan Consultation Ending Soon

Just a reminder that the consultation period for the North Luffenham Neighbourhood Plan will end on Tuesday, October 4th, and so you only have a couple of days left to comment.

There are already responses that potentially will result in alterations to the Plan, and so do not feel that the plan is a “Done Deal”, the Parish Council values your input and will assess all input before finalising the plan and submitting it to RCC and the Official Inspector.

The Plan and supporting documents, plus the online form for responses and comments can be found here:

Neighbourhood Plan | North Luffenham

2 thoughts on “Neighoubourhood Plan Consultation Ending Soon

  1. Pete Burrows Post author

    Hi Beverlie, I think this is exactly the type of feedback the Parish Council are looking for in the survey – could you enter this into the online form?

  2. Beverlie Greene

    Why is the hamlet of Fosters Bridge always forgotten about or ignored? I don’t even think we received all the consultation paperwork that was sent to all the other residents of North Luffenham?) Why is it literally ‘just outside the planning boundaries? Infill building between properties would have no effect on the landscape or countryside, in our case infill between two properties cannot be seen from any road, you would have to be in an aeroplane to see. This seems most unfair, at least allow planning applications to be considered on their merits rather than blanket ban.


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