Pantomime Update 12 days to go!

Oh my word! So the latest news is that there has now been a full run through rehearsal which has required several changes! We have had to take out the high flying trapeze act following the leading boy landing in a neighbour’s garden and not wishing to repeat this. Also removed is the fire juggling, but the cast member has reassured me that her hair will grow back by a week on Friday! It is certainly looking like a festive pot pourri of acting will be on display. I have been contacted by several main west end productions to see if we can contribute to their productions but the whole of the cast have remained steadfastly loyal to this Christmas extravaganza so it really is an event not to be missed!

I have been asked by several people if they can reserve seats, and, are all the private boxes taken already. The simple fact is there are no tickets on sale but you just need to turn up on the night and bag a front row seat or standing spot outside the pub at the back. Remember to wrap up warm. The pantomime will start somewhere between 7.30 and 7.45 and it really will be an event (to remember!)

There will be a voluntary collection taken to assist with costs of the pantomime with all proceeds after that going to help village groups so please do give generously on the night.

We are so looking forward to sharing a really fun night with you all so keep that date firmly in your diary. More updates as they happen.

P.S. If anyone sees a stray camel wandering around the village he escaped from our rehearsal as he was being transported back to Chester Zoo. Please let me know if you see him!

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