Vulcan Bomber – last flight over Rutland Water on Sunday

XH558 sunday approx route timesThe aviation enthusiasts amongst you will be aware of the last flying Vulcan bomber, known as XH558.

This has been kept flying for the last few years by a private charity, based at Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster.

2015 is the last year it will be able to fly, due to the difficulties in continuing the required support for a complex aircraft.

The Vulcan will be undertaking a “last hurrah” flight around the UK this weekend. The Southern loop of this flight will take place on Sunday, 11th October, and will include Rutland Water as a waypoint on the trip around the country.

There will be no display as such, but it will be overhead the reservoir for a period of time

Timings are still to be confirmed, but further details can be found on the Vulcan Trusts website.

XH558 National Tour

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