At a meeting of Parish Councillors held on 29th Jun following the PC elections, it was agreed that the continuing nurturing and development of ‘community spirit’ within the village should be an important part of the PC’s role. It was considered that one way of achieving this was to hold a ‘fun’ event, possibly annually, at which all villagers could be involved.  Every Group/Club active in the village or impacting upon village life would be invited to participate. This would help to foster village spirit; a sense of ‘belonging’ and an increased awareness of what the village offered.

 We are now looking for volunteers to join a Committee to discuss how  best to take this initiative forward. The likely date for the event will be Saturday 11th June, which would coincide with HM The Queen’s Official 90th Birthday Celebrations. If you would like to be part of this initiative please give Paul Cummings a call: 01780 720124

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