Toxocara Canis

Perhaps better known as dog roundworm the embryonated eggs of which can be ingested by humans causing disease called toxocariasis. Young children are particularly at risk as it is picked up by ingestion of eggs from infected dog faeces. It is fortunately rare but rare things do happen. Dog mess is not only unpleasant but a potential source of an unpleasant infection.

A resident, upset that there was dog mess present where her children were playing on The Oval, contacted a Parish Councillor recently. There are a number of Poop Scoop bins provided and these are emptied on a regular basis. The vast majority of dog owners conscientiously clean up after their dogs and please continue to be vigilant when walking your dog. If users of The Oval see an infringement it would help if they point out that there are bins provided.

One thought on “Toxocara Canis

  1. Valerie Smith

    I was instrumental in getting my local council where I was then living, in Surrey, to fence off the children’s play area in the local park. Could the council not consider doing the same on the Oval when they improve the children’s play area, as they have suggested they will when they come to spend the money put aside from the funds received from Francis Jackson Homes.


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