Elections for Parish and Ward Councillors

Please see below the nominations for the forth coming elections on 2nd May 2019.

For North Luffenham, as there was only 8 nominations then the election is uncontested, with the details of those duuly elected. The same applies to the ward of Normanton of which we form part

4 thoughts on “Elections for Parish and Ward Councillors

  1. Pete Burrows

    Hi – Yes, as there were 8 candidates for the Parish Council and 8 Places there will be no elections for the Parish Council. Its the same for the County Council, there are 2 candidates for the 2 posts for the Normanton Ward that North Luffenham is in, so no election will be held for these

    1. Beverlie Greene

      Why weren’t North luffenham voters told not to turn up to vote? That it is cancelled? The school is closed where we vote and there is not even a sign up to explain why. A lot of people will be turning up to vote/wasting their time because it has not been made clear. It should be headlines on the North luffenham site. I thought the vote also included representatives on the Rutland County council but that hasn’t been made clear either.
      I had to phone RCC to find out the polling station was closed – they had had several people from North luffenham already call for the same reason so it is not just me who will be angry at the lack of communication.


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