Beeching Cuts Reversal

Have you thought it would be great to reinstate some of the railway lines axed under the Beeching Cuts. It is not such a pie in the sky idea as in 2019 the Government promised £500 million ‘Beeching Reversal’ fund.

The possibility of re-instating Luffenham railway station and providing services in the Corby direction as well as Oakham & Stamford/Peterborough has been raised by the Welland Valley Rail Partnership. This would be a long term project and the first step would be a feasibility study and therefore there is uncertaintainty that it could be enacted. However it is an interesting suggestion, it chimes with the times, and North Luffenahm Parish Council would be interested in comments to this post, in the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire, or to

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2 thoughts on “Beeching Cuts Reversal

  1. Kathleen Robinson

    I fully support any plan that will help reinstate our small railway stations that were axed under the Beeching Plan.

  2. Steve wallage

    Makes total sense. Asked for this to be considered when the initial plan was discussed. Fully support this proposal.


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