St. George’s Barracks: We need your voice.

Your opinions about the proposals for St. George’s Barracks (SGB) matter, as well as development within the village and parish, and North Luffenham Parish Council would like to inform you of the proposals and hear your opinions. 

A good third of SGB is within our parish and it is important that we have a say on any development.

In the last two weeks of October there will be presentations by Zoom (firm dates and times will be posted on the website ) with detailed information on the proposals for SGB and the best way to respond to Rutland County Council’s Local Plan. There will also be an update on North Luffenham’s Neighbourhood Plan, and how this sits alongside the Local Plan, with the aim of ameliorating any development that takes place at SGB, as well as proposals for the rest of the parish.

Your comments on these issues will be most welcome.

The focus of the presentations will be online in view of the current restriction on groups meeting indoors but it is planned to have a poster and hopefully a short video demonstration and where and when will be posted nearer the time.

St. George’s Barracks is most definitely not yet a done deal and your opinion counts

If you have not done so already could you please click the link below and indicate your preferred option for a meeting -there is only one question I promise. 

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